GTBank Token: How to Get & Use for Transfers


These days, many more people are involved in internet transactions. Gone are the days when you have to queue at the banks in order to carry out transactions. These days, you can carry out many banking transactions online and in the comfort of your room or office. Banks now make such transactions very secure and it can be done without waste of time whatsoever.


Are you one of GTBank’s customers and you need to carry out some transactions online? All you need is the GTBank token and it will ensure such transactions are done safely and securely. In this write-up, you will be informed on how to obtain and also use the GTBank token for your online transactions.

The GTBank token has many functions and they are highlighted below:

  • It is useful when you want to transfer money from one GTBank account to another or from a GTBank account to an account number with another bank
  • It is useful in generating secure codes that are required for your online payments
  • It is useful for conducting foreign exchange transfer
  • You will need it for processing draft and cash in transit.
  • If you want to add more service options to your GTBank Internet Banking platform, you will need the GTBank token to get this done.
  • It is also useful for making your foreign exchange sales
  • If your old token stops working, you will need to get a token to get a replacement.

How to get new GTBank token

The GTBank token comes in form of a small device.  It is very easy to obtain. Just visit any GTBank branch and tell them you want to get the token. They will provide you with a form to fill. After filling the form, they will charge your account with particular amount representing the cost of the token. The cost changes with time; you will have to confirm from GTBank about this.

After being given the token at any branch of GTBank, you are required to register it first online. You will never be able to use it for any transaction until you register the token online. After registration, you need to be patient for about 24 hours after which you can use the token for any transaction. You should follow the steps below in order to activate it.

  • Log on to the GTBank Internet Banking Platform in order to register for the token. You will need to provide your account number as username and also choose your unique password
  • Next, check the left side of the screen for the help menu and select Settings.
  • Provide the token ID you have been given by GTBank and make sure you do not include any hyphen. Tick “Acknowledge” in the space provided and then click on “Continue”. The number is written at the back of your token behind the white panel.
  • GTBank will send you an SMS indicating that you have completed the acknowledgement process for the token.
  • After this, you are free to carry out any online transaction with the token after 24 hours. You can use GTBank Internet Banking Platform or the GTBank mobile app for any of your online transactions.

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