Guide to the Mongols in Age of Empires 4

Analysis of all the unique features, abilities, units and attractions of the Mongols

The Mongolian civilization demonstrates the greatest degree of asymmetry of civilizations in Age of Empires 4. These are steppe inhabitants, riding on horses, nomads who managed to conquer many lands and create one of the largest empires in history, ruled by Genghis Khan and his descendants. It is difficult to manage them, this faction is not recommended for beginners. In addition, when playing as the Mongols, completely different mechanics are used, different from other civilizations.

First, the Mongols do not need to build houses. In doing so, they start with the largest population. Players will get early access to horsemen and spearmen, and any building can be collected and moved to another location. Playing as Mongolia, you don’t have to sit in one place. It will not work out peacefully. Movement and terrain development is a key task. The Mongols need a stone and you will have to focus on mining it.

Mongols are ranked in the game with difficulty 3/3. The only thing that remains unchanged is the need to move from one era to another. You still have to build landmarks to travel through the ages.

Great dominion

Mongolians start out with a maximum population and therefore do not need to build houses. On trade routes with a large number of merchants, your merchants will receive 10% more food, wood, gold, and stone.

Sacred Obo

Instead of building a mining camp, the Mongols create Obo on stone deposits, which allows the stone to be mined once at a certain time. Ordinary residents cannot manually collect the stone, it cannot be obtained in the market or as a tribute. Traders can obtain the stone on trade routes. Buildings built within Obo’s range either double unit production or get the opportunity to research better technologies.

The Mongols have two unique squads. Manguada Horse Archer and Khan, which is used in place of the Scout. You will not be able to train more khans. It can fire flares, which provide powerful buffs to nearby units. As mentioned above, the Mongols gain early access to horsemen during the Dark Age (First Era). Setting fire to enemy buildings, Mongols receive +50 food and gold.

All Mongol attractions

Note that the epoch in parentheses tells you what time frame you can go if you build this landmark.

  • Deer Stones (Second Age) – Immediately grants access to the Pit Network technology and allows you to take advantage of the speed bonus.
  • The Silver Tree (Second Age) is an economic landmark. Acts as a marketplace, attracts merchants 50% faster, requiring 50% less gold.
  • Kurultay (third era) is a military landmark. When a Khan is nearby, this landmark heals all nearby injured units and grants them + 25% damage for 30 seconds.
  • The steppe redoubt (third era) is an economic landmark. Increases the amount of gold dropped by 50% (in range).
  • The White Stupa (fourth era) is an economic landmark. Acts like Obo and produces 240 stones per minute. Must be installed on stone deposits.
  • The Kaganate Palace (fourth era) is a military landmark. Every 90 seconds, create a squad of horsemen, mangudai or spearmen.

The Mongols epitomize Age of Empires at its most creative. They have many advantages and benefits over the rest of the factions, but there are also the most pronounced disadvantages. You won’t be able to build many walls or fortifications, and if the enemy is smart they will be able to trap you, especially when you are on the move.

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