Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the game Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2: main difficulties, secrets and tips


To get started, general tips for the game:

  • In this shooter, Cannoli will have several types of weapons at his disposal. You cannot improve it, as well as reduce the arsenal for use. This means that it is very difficult to find the desired weapon with the mouse wheel towards the end of the game. Therefore, I recommend going into control and assigning keys from “1” to “0” for quick access to the desired weapon.
  • Use the rolls on the left Shift.
  • Save ammunition by killing common opponents with a baseball bat or a chainsaw.
  • For continuous shooting from a pistol, it is absolutely not necessary to constantly click LMB. Hold LMB and Cannoli will shoot without stopping.
  • Please note that the pistol has infinite ammo.
  • Homing missiles (yellow and white) can be destroyed with weapons (flamethrower is ideal).
  • Do not forget about the RMB, with which Cannoli can push opponents and break obstacles. This is a very useful key for throwing enemies off a hill or pushing them into fire (on the spinning blades).
  • Cannoli can jump high by making a double jump (double click on the “Space”).
  • Do not forget to destroy explosive barrels in order to inflict more damage on opponents.
  • Shoot hanging boxes and barrels to knock them over onto enemies.

In the prologue, you have to go through three levels. More about them below.


At this level, you will be introduced to the controls. Pay attention to the prompts that pop up on the screen. If they are disabled, then go to the menu and activate the corresponding option.

Main enemies :

  • Thugs with wrenches, chairs and baseball bats. Kills with 3 accurate headshots. Try not to waste ammunition on them (only a pistol, bat or chainsaw).
  • Bandits with pistols – shoot twice with short pauses. Bullets fly slowly, so you can jump over them. Killed with two accurate headshots.
  • A thug in a blue suit – trying to knock down Cannoli, moving from left to right and from right to left. Jump over and shoot at the enemy. It takes a lot of shots – ideally get close and use a chainsaw.
  • Bandits with machine guns – fire a burst of three bullets, repeating actions with a certain frequency. 2-3 accurate shots to the head.
  • Masked bandits throwing Molotov cocktails. Kills with two headshots, cocktails are easy to dodge.

When you climb up the balconies, at the very top, shoot at the black core to throw it off and break through the wall.

To go down, hold down the S key and press the “Space”. This action is not possible with all surfaces!

When you find yourself in a warehouse with containers, then jump to the very top, under the roof, and go to the boxes on the left to find the flamethrower ahead of time.

Night show

In the cinema, kill all opponents. Only then will two cars appear (alternately), and the last one will destroy the wall, allowing you to move further.

To find another hidden flamethrower, move along the bottom, exit the warehouse and find yourself in a narrow alley between two houses. Go through the door on the right and move through the darkness until you find a flamethrower.

A little later, on the roof, you will have to shoot another black cannonball to punch the way further.


Approach the first wooden fence. On the balcony above there will be a bandit with a pistol. Kill him, jump onto the balcony, and from it jump along the cornices even higher. Once on the roof, run to the left and enter the building through the window, where you will find a hidden machine gun. Very powerful of all rapid-fire weapons.

At this level, new opponents will appear – policemen, who, in fact, are no different from bandits. On rare occasions, you can stand on the sidelines while the bandits and cops fight each other.

Use firearms to destroy opponents with shields. Wait for the cop to peek out from under the shield to shoot at Cannoli, take aim and make a couple of accurate headshots.

In the first building, go to the upper right room and shoot the air conditioner to destroy the floor and go down below.

In the rest of the location, you will need to reset another air conditioner and turn on several red valves that turn off the fire. In addition, in the spacious hall below, filled with fire, you need to activate the remote control and turn on the fire extinguishing system. After leaving the building, you can jump across the balconies to the upper floor and find the hidden shotgun ammo.


Willie is sent to Tagtown, which is under quarantine.

Quarantine zone

At this level, you will have to fight new opponents – zombies (ordinary ones on two legs, with machine guns and crawling on all fours – the latter, by the way, can jump towards Cannoli and are generally more mobile) and soldiers. Soldiers and zombies are at war with each other, and it will be possible to benefit from this.

Pay attention to the machine gun towers – do not fall under the white light, otherwise they will open fire on you. Hide under any cover.

In addition to the usual zombies, there will be fat men rolling on the ground with spiked mines in the location. They can be destroyed. The fat men explode, so shoot them from a distance.

When you find yourself in the zone with a machine-gun point (in addition to the usual tower with light, there will be a shelter from where the soldier fires at Cannoli), then shoot at the yellow barrel or the air conditioner suspended from above.

Inside buildings, drop air conditioners and barrels on soldiers. In confined spaces, it is advisable to use a shotgun.

You can shoot up or down through stairwells, but opponents can do the same.


Climb to the very top of the building, walk to the left on the roof and drop the air conditioner on the zombies on the balcony below. Jump down there for extra ammo.

At this stage, zombie mummies (in bandages) will appear. They have kettlebell shackles on their feet – they jump towards Cannoli, so be careful. Very annoying enemies!

When you fall down from the elevator, then attack the metal gate on the right. Run away from the rolling turbine using Left Shift.

Ruined city

After that, do the same with the second turbine, destroying the doors with RMB or any weapon.

Next, you will find yourself in an open area. Do not rush to collect all the “hearts” that restore HP, as well as destroy the barrels. Deal with a small group of enemies, then activate the detonator. Now you will need to reflect several waves of zombies. Be careful – pulling is pointless, because dynamite will not explode until you destroy all enemies.

At the end, the thugs are waiting for you – first one, and then two at once. It is advisable to use a rocket launcher, machine gun and machine guns against them.

After going down the subway, activate the detonator and fight off several waves of enemies.


At this level, zombies will fight with bandits.

When you hit the curved rails, destroy the wooden sleepers from below to go further. It’s not that obvious.

A little later, the Nazis will appear, who will either use bayonets on their rifles, or shoot from them (two different types). Unfortunately, ammunition does not drop from such opponents. Bandits and fascists at the same time.


Read in a separate guide.


Willie goes to Normandy to deal with the commander-in-chief of the Nazis.

Landing in Normandy

Beware of arcing shells and mortars, destroying them as soon as possible. The craters on the battlefield indicate the points where the projectiles fall.

A little later, you will encounter the first guns. Those cannons that fire projectiles at the craters do not pose a threat to Cannoli – just shoot them while dodging the muzzle. But there will be weapons aimed at destroying Cannoli. In this case, shoot at them until a red mark appears on Willie. Double jump to dodge the projectile, then keep firing. If you’re lucky, the second time the cannon will aim at Cannoli while he is in the air, so you won’t have to dodge the next ammunition (it will fly higher). After 4-5 shots, the cannon will fire a volley of shells at each height.

War in the trenches

New enemies will appear here – fascists with grenades. However, everything is very simple with him. You will also find a weapon – a powerful revolver that kills enemies with one shot. If it hits the head, the bullet will fly further, and if it hits the head of another enemy, it will kill him too. The same pistol will be used by Fritz officers (in black uniforms), so be careful.

Fritzes with shields will appear later. These are very dangerous enemies. It is useless to shoot them with a firearm. Come close, kick (RMB), then shoot. Repeat the steps until complete destruction. Be careful – the grenade launcher shells fly off the shields and can hit Willie’s feet!

German commander-in-chief

Read in a separate article.

Villa Joe

Willie decided to deal with his friend Joe, who had betrayed him, who was resting in his villa.

Killer fields

There will be nothing new in this part of the mission. Unless you find a German semi-automatic that is comparable to mafia submachine guns.

When you find yourself in a place where platforms are hung on the trees, then jump up and shoot at the tower bell – it will fall, destroying all the Fritzes.

To continue the path in the next building, you will need to jump onto its broken roof from above. Not as obvious as it sounds.

When you activate the detonator, sit behind the machine gun aimed at the building on the right and destroy the Fritzes. Be careful as they can still hit you. Press S. to hide.

Rocket base

Most of the base is made up of narrow corridors, so a shotgun should ideally be used. You should not rush into the spacious hall with missiles, because if you run forward and go upstairs without killing all the enemies, then you will have to fight with them at the same time.

To go through the large gates, in front of which there is a cannon, come close to them and pick up a combat shell. Willie will do it automatically. Place it in the cannon (stand next to it and click on E) and shoot. The same will need to be done with the second gate.


Separate article.

Dark Don’s Secret Laboratory

This time Willie goes after the Dark Don himself.


At this location, new opponents will appear – mutated rats. All rats, without exception, jump towards Willie, being a few meters from the main player. A large rat with a green tail will spit poison.

There will also be a thug who was subjugated by the Germans. He will fight the rats – use this moment for your own attack.

Jump on the wooden platforms in the trees to the very top and to the left to collect the “heart” and the grenade launcher. ”

The location will have cannons firing homing missiles. Rockets can be shot down. Destroy the cannons themselves.

In the place where there are two machine-gun towers, and in the main building there are rotating screws, you need to jump over them and shoot through a narrow hole into the suspended air conditioner. He will fall, destroying the floor and allowing you to get to the next part of the location, making your way through the underground moat.

In a building with a flamethrower, you will need to shoot at the flamethrower itself to open the room behind which the lever is hidden. Use it – it will open the door further. Go to the valve and turn it – this way you turn off the rotating blades under the previously destroyed flamethrower. Go downstairs.

Once in the room with another machine gun, make your way past him to the right wall and shoot through the half-open window at the suspended barrels. The explosion of the tank will destroy the wall.

Jump upward, fearing the spinning fans that suck Willie and any enemies in, shredding them to pieces.

Next, there will be a segment where you will need to pass through rooms with rotating blades and a fiery flame. Proceed with caution.

After going down through the blade, go left, jump over another rotating blade and go through the dark corridor. Here you will see a dog running along the path. Jump and pull the lever. Go back and destroy the wall on the right to go through the underground corridor with various obstacles. At the end, activate the detonator and immediately run back to the blades. Jump over them – the rolling boulder will destroy the propellers and allow you to go below.

Secret base

At the end of the path, you will find a very difficult battle consisting of several waves. There are many “hearts” in a large warehouse with containers, but do not rush to take them. First, kill the bandits who are here by default. Next, deal with the brute. After that, you will have to kill rats and zombies – a flamethrower will do.

The next stage is the bandits, and at the end two thugs with homing missiles will appear at once. It is very difficult to kill them. Switch as soon as possible to the machine gun (the most powerful one that does not reload) and attack the enemies. Don’t let them fire a lot of rockets at you (destroy them right away). Try to jump less – if you get hit by one missile in a jump, the rest will fly right into Willie and kill him. “Hearts” I would recommend leaving just to the last stage.

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