Heist Prison Break in GTA Online;Guide

We show you a complete guide with everything you need to successfully carry out the Prison Break heist in GTA Online. Tips, better equipment, routes and strategies to follow and much more.


  1. Requirements to start Prison Break
  2. Preparatory missions for Prison Break
  3. Final Mission of Prison Break: Recommended Strategy
  4. Replay of the finishing blow and rewards

Jailbreak is one of the blows available in GTA Online , multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V . This great robbery was added to the game in a free update of the year 2015 and in it we must rescue Rashkovsky from Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

So that you do not have any kind of problem, here is a guide with all the details, tips and strategies to follow to successfully complete the Prison Break heist in GTA Online.

Requirements to start Prison Break

The Prison Break Heist can be started once we have completed The Heist of the Fleeca , which works like the first Heist in GTA Online. This, of course, can be done after completing the two prerequisites , which are as follows:

  • You must have reached RP level 12 on your account .
  • You must have acquired a high-end apartment .

After doing this, Lester will introduce you to the character Agent 14 , who wants to carry out this coup, consisting of going into prison to rescue the former military investigator Maxim Rashkovsky.

Prison Break Preparatory Missions

Before we can deliver the big blow, of course, we must first prepare the ground and achieve several things that will be necessary for us to be successful in the final mission. Here the preparatory missions come into play , which in this case are a total of 4 , all available for 4 players:

Mission – Airplane

In this first preparation mission we must go to the McKenzie airfield , where the Vagos are using a Velum to transport drugs. The objective is clear; we must steal the plane for our coup. It’s actually a simple mission.

  • Go to the airfield:and kill all the enemies Vagos that are in the area.
  • One of the players will take the role of the pilot of the plane:and will be in charge of stealing the vehicle. You have to do it quickly, the sooner the better.
  • The other three players: theywill be in charge of assassinating the Vagos and covering the pilot.
  • The pilot must take the plane:to the airport to land it and conclude the mission.

Mission – Bus

In the second preparatory mission the objective is to steal a bus that goes to the prison and with which we can later infiltrate the penitentiary.

  • The bus heads:towards Paleto Bay prison and transports a dangerous prisoner.
  • The team of players must go after the bus:but be very careful because there is a lot of security around it.
  • The key is to:focus efforts on first destroying the helicopter with a rocket launcher or a guided rocket launcher, while also blowing up the police cars with C4 bombs, for example.
  • Once the police pressure has been eliminated: youhave to get on the bus quickly to rob it and run away with it (if possible everyone is together or colleagues follow the bus driver). This will trigger a 3-star police search.
  • It is recommended:avoid the main roads and drive further through the desert to easily lose the police. Be careful and don’t damage the bus.
  • After running away from the police, allyou have to do is drop off the bus at a junkyard near Sandy Shores.

Mission – Station

In this third preparatory mission the team of players has to divide into two groups . Each of them will have a different objective, although when they finish theirs we can go to help the other couple who have not finished yet.

  • One of the groups: hewill have to go to the port to get on a ship and retrieve Rashkovsky’s car.
  • The other group: youmust dress up as police officers and infiltrate the Mission Row Police Station to steal a list of prison bus schedules.

The players in charge of stealing the car have to carry good weapons because on the ship they will have to kill the guards. You will find the car inside a container , in the upper part. You have to shoot the lock of the container to steal the vehicle and flee at full speed, but be careful not to damage the car that must reach the Sandy Shores junkyard.

Meanwhile, players who are going to infiltrate the police station will need to get a cop car . To do this, you can win 1 search level and steal one. Then lose the police and you can enter the building with this car, where you have to collect the list of schedules in a room that is near the entrance . When you have it, go out as you entered and take the police car to an underpass to destroy it and leave no evidence.

Mission – Dirty work

The fourth and last preparatory mission for this coup asks us, again, to divide ourselves into two groups with two different objectives.

  • The first team: youhave to go to the town hall to kill two lawyers.
  • The second team: youhave to go to Richman Glen to kill Dima Popov.

Those who go to the town hall must carry sniper rifles and go up to a rooftop located in the opposite building to wait for the two lawyers to arrive in a car. Very important, wait for them to get out of the vehicle and then coordinate to kill them at the same time , so you will not attract attention. Although in any case to recover the documents from the corpses you will have to clean the area of ​​cops and then flee.

For the other team it is also advisable to bring snipers with a silencer , since you have to kill Dima Popov and also his bodyguards in the mansion. Try to work as a team to assassinate the bodyguards without being seen from a safe distance, otherwise Dima will try to flee and the mission may fail.

Final Mission of Prison Break – Recommended Strategy

With the four preparatory missions completed, we can begin the final mission of the Prison Break Heist. Agent 14 will give you directions in the planning room. Each member of the team will have to take a different role in the coup:

The prisoner and the guard: rescuing Rashkovsky

These two players take the bus to go to the penitentiary. The guard must avoid attracting attention, so he has to drive carefully in order to enter the prison . However, once inside the guards will turn hostile .

The best you can do is divide efforts : the prisoner can go in search of Rashkovsky, who is in a courtyard, while the guard is dedicated to killing most of the enemies. This is recommended because the guard will have access to all his weapons, while the prisoner will only have a piercing pistol and those he can steal from corpses.


This player will be in charge of going after the inmate bus , near Great Chaparral, and stealing it without alerting the authorities. This vehicle must be taken to the Sandy Shores airport and once there it must be destroyed with grenades or C4, for example.

After this, the player has to be in charge of defending the rest of the police team with a Buzzard , while covering them at Rashkovsky’s exit from prison. Later, after evading the police, he will also be in charge of picking up the other players to get to safety.

The pilot

In this case the player has to collect the plane in Devin Weston’s hangar. Once you’re flying, P-996 Lazers will appear to chase you. The objective is to hold out until the ground team leaves the prison with Rashkovsky. Then you must land outside the jail to collect them.

With the others already inside, fly again to lose the search level . Finally, go to the indicated location to be able to parachute and fall near a beach, where the demolition player has to pick you up. This will successfully complete the coup.

Replay of the final blow and rewards

As with the rest of the heists in GTA Online, the final blow of Prison Break can be repeated without interruption whenever we want to pay $ 40,000 for planning costs.

These are the earnings we receive in each of the difficulties for successfully completing the stroke:

  • Potential winnings (easy):$ 200,000.
  • Potential earnings (in normal):$ 400,000.
  • Potential Winnings (Hard):$ 500,000.

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