Hot Gym: Cool Mobile Idler

Hot Gym: Cool Mobile Idler

Because you’ve promised yourself to start visiting the gym regularly.

In the game Hot Gym (available in Google Play and App Store) you are going to be immersed completely in the world of fitness. Here you’re going to run a gym which is strictly for pretty girls. 

In this game where your main goal is to build a big and successful business, you have no time to waste. First of all, you have to buy equipment which attracts customers and motivates them to improve their bodies (however, one might say that the girls visiting your gym are already gorgeous). Then you have to help them become better in sports – to do this, you can pay different enhancements like a trainer who makes them do better, new trainers, etc. using in-game currency.

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Why do you have to spend money on somebody else’s shoes? It’s simple – this helps your customers achieve better results, and their efforts bring you money which you can spend on more equipment (meaning that you’ll get to know more girls and develop your gym). 

Things get even more interesting once you’ve started getting first results – that’s when you can sell your successful gym and buy a new one. By doing this, you can get valuable coins. You can spend those for various exclusive improvements that will also help your business grow. Once you start anew, you (I think, you already know what is coming) get to meet even more fitness queens! Yes, you’ll get to know them beyond their exercise preferences, the game gives you much information about them, for example, their height and what their personality is like. You can use this information for their workouts to help them achieve their goals.

By the way, your clients’ good results lead not only to your feeling of satisfaction with the job you’ve done as a gym owner but also you’ll be rewarded with the photos of these beauties in anime style.

Hot Gym: Cool Mobile IdlerNaijatechnews | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

And of course, you’re able to spend money on improving the gym equipment, too, otherwise, how could you be considered a good gym owner? Better equipment allows you to grow your income even further. 

In this game, there’s no map in its usual understanding. Instead, you can see the potential improvements in your gym and how much more work has to be for you to get there, so that’s a pretty useful feature. At first, the number of points necessary for the top improvements you see next to them seems unachievable, but as you go, you start earning more and more points every second, so nothing is impossible! 

Hot Gym: Cool Mobile IdlerNaijatechnews | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

The gameplay is quite intuitive, but in order for you to get it completely, in the beginning, you’ll go through a short tutorial, where all the features will be explained in detail. Mostly you just tap certain areas to collect points, and then make a choice when it’s time, for example, whether you’d like to sell the gym or buy new equipment, etc.

But something that really makes the game so attractive to its users is, of course, the artwork. All the characters, these sporty goddesses, are drawn with such attention to detail, and the only thing that prevents me from saying that they are very realistic is the fact that you don’t see such bodies in real life too often. 

To sum everything up, the game is worth taking a look at to appreciate its beauty, but then you’ll stay for the interesting story of a successful gym you build from scratch completely on your own. 

Download Hot Gym now on Google Play or App Store


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