How does Snap Camera work?

Snap Camera – created by Snapchat – allows users to use their favorite filters during live and video calls . A tool specifically designed to make online meetings, video calls and live streams even more fun. Today we will find out how Snap Camera works, where to download it and how to create custom filters.

What is Snap Camera?

Snap Camera is the free software that allows users to use the filters even on their PC or Mac. The decorations available are numerous: the already boundless database is enriched daily with new filters to be discovered. The application is compatible with devices running Windows 7 SP1 (and later) and MacOS 10.11 (and newer). The most interesting feature of Snap Camera is the compatibility with the main applications dedicated to video calling , such as Zoom and Skype, and streaming , including Twitch.

How to download the application

The process to download Snap Camera – and then immediately use the available filters – is very simple.

  • First of all, you need to connect to the official website;
  • On the main page, press the yellow button with the word ” Download” on it;
  • It is necessary to carefully read the system requirements and the terms of the service, before accepting the “License Agreement”;
  • Choose one of the buttons (depending on your operating system).

The download should finish in a few seconds or minutes. It will now be sufficient to install Snap Camera, following the installation wizard.


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How does Snap Camera work?

Snap Camera can be used with many applications, including those dedicated to video calling. After installing this tool, users have to start it, in order to view the many filters distributed in categories . In the “Featured” section there are also some popular filters.

Use Snap Camera during video conferences

First of all, you need to choose any filter and open an application used for video conferencing . The procedure may vary slightly depending on the software you choose. It is therefore necessary:

  • Open the settings;
  • Click on “Video” (in Google Meet), “Devices” (in Microsoft Teams) or “Audio and video” (in Skype);
  • Select the item “Video” or “Camera”;
  • Choose “Snap Camera” as the main camera.

How to use Snap Camera on Microsoft Teams.

By doing so, during the video call, the user’s image will be enriched with the chosen filter (which can still be replaced at any time). In Zoom , another popular video conferencing application, simply click on the arrow located next to the camera symbol. From this section you can select Snap Camera.

How to use Snap Camera on Zoom.

Use Snap Camera during live shows

Snap Camera can be used during live streams on Twitch . This platform requires broadcast software, such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS and XSplit Broadcaster. To use Snap Camera with OBS Studio you need to:

  • Open the application;
  • Click the “+” button in the ” Sources” panel and then choose the “Video Capture Device” item;
  • Insert the check in “Create new” and choose a new name;
  • In the “Properties” window, simply click on “Device”, choose “Snap Camera” and press “OK”.

The procedure with Streamlabs OBS is almost identical ( barring a few small differences). In XSplit Broadcaster the user must:

  • Open the software and click on the “Add source” button;
  • Choose the item “Devices (webcam, capture cards …)”;
  • Select “Snap Camera”.

Create a custom filter

Filters available on Snap Camera.

Artists, developers and amateurs can create custom filters and share them with the community. Snapchat, in fact, offers users simple and powerful tools that allow you to create augmented reality experiences.

The name of this suite is Lens AR , available for PC. Those interested will be able to create custom filters even without programming. The suite consists of:

  • Lens Studio: the desktop application that allows artists and developers to create augmented reality experiences;
  • Lens Web Builder: a collection of resources that companies or enthusiasts can use to quickly create their own filters;
  • My Lenses: the tool to search and organize filters created with Lens Studio;
  • Lens Analytics: the screen to monitor, thanks to anonymous data, the results of the AR experiences created.

What is Snapchat?

Launched in 2011, the  Snapchat  social network (available for Android and iOS ) allows users to create and share photos and videos with filters, designs and special effects. The application has been a huge success, thanks to the often fun content and the numerous filters available.

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