How GoDaddy E-Commerce Works

Anyone who owns a small or medium business and wants to create an online store to increase their sales, manage inventory, apply powerful sales tools and flexible shipping and payment options can now turn to GoDaddy E-Commerce .

Always GoDaddy , which manages the world’s largest cloud platform with 20 million customers around the globe and over 80 million domain names, has been responding to new market challenges by helping SMEs. This time the intent is to help them strengthen their online presence by introducing the GoDaddy E-Commerce offer , a solution that, without technical skills, will allow you to create and manage an online store quickly and easily.


  • What is GoDaddy E-Commerce
  • How GoDaddy E-Commerce works
  • GoDaddy E-Commerce features
    • Customizable templates
    • Inventory management
    • Integration with social media
    • Payment methods
    • A safer site
  • Subscription plans

What is GoDaddy E-Commerce

GoDaddy E-Commerce includes useful features to better manage your online business and attract new customers. You can showcase and upload over 2,500 different products , reward your customers, and increase online sales with special offers and printable coupons to help you save. You can also take advantage of the various inventory management tools to monitor purchases in the marketplace and sell, giving customers the ability to pay with over 40 payment methods and in different currencies , with real-time shipping estimates.

With GoDaddy E-Commerce all entrepreneurs will be able to offer their customers a unique and simplified shopping experience and above all they will be able to create a multilingual online store also selling on Facebook and Instagram without necessarily having to make further integrations or choose particular plugins.

How GoDaddy E-Commerce works

GoDaddy offers a 30-day free trial period for its eCommerce platform before purchasing it. During this testing phase, you can create and customize your website, with unlimited pages and categories , by entering all the products you want, (not only physical products but also digital content) and check how they appear in your online store. At the end of the trial period, all you have to do is purchase one of the available subscription plans, which are illustrated in the following paragraphs, and access the Checkout function , to complete purchases and accept payments.

To activate the site you can add a single product or service by going to the Catalog menu and clicking the Products button . Once you have entered all the products, you can add the payment and shipping method. The default payment options are: PayPal, Square, but you can add other methods as well.

After setting up your payment, you can customize the shipping option by choosing from:

  • Free shipping.
  • Shipping calculated automatically.
  • Fixed or customized rates based on the number and weight of the items and based on the price of the order.

You are now ready to open your own online store.

GoDaddy E-Commerce features

Promoting your digital business with GoDaddy’s offer will give you the opportunity to have a multilingual site already optimized for mobile devices with advanced design methods and with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. But let’s see everything in detail.

Customizable templates

The templates provided by GoDaddy fit perfectly into any business sector. You can choose one of the many creative and professional designs made available by the platform and have fun with the models for toy, flower, eyewear, technology, kitchen, fashion, pet shops and so on.

Inventory management

All your online activity can be monitored with GoDaddy E-Commerce. Like? With inventory management tools . In addition to inserting an exorbitant number of physical products to sell online within an attractive and suggestive layout to capture the attention of visitors, you will be able to monitor all purchases made in real time. You will then have advanced features for inventory control and order management.

Integration with social media

You can sell directly on Facebook or Instagram and connect your online store to social media feeds to give customers the ability to follow you, leave comments and product reviews. Doing so will give everyone the opportunity to know where to buy your products thanks to the integrated Google Shopping feeds , social media marketing tools and coupons to be issued, to get in touch with more people and increase the number of your sales. There is no shortage of integrations with WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Google Analytics and Google direct indexing (SEO). This last tool favors the optimization of the positioning of the site within the main search engines.

Payment methods

As already mentioned, the sale of products, services and digital downloads is facilitated by the possibility for customers to pay as they prefer. GoDaddy’s new platform accepts over 40 payment methods , including credit cards: PayPal , Google Pay , Nexi and Apple .

A safer site

Whichever purchase plan you choose, GoDaddy E-Commerce includes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) . This is a feature that can protect the transmission of personal data for both your business and that of your customers from any hacker attack. You will be able to safeguard the interception of important information for your business, such as: passwords and credit card numbers.

Subscription plans

Do you want to boost your business and increase sales? By purchasing one of these E-Commerce plans: GoDaddy offers 3 types of subscription plans :

  • Starter: is on offer at 50% savings at a price of €99 per month. The renewal is € 19.99 per month. You can upload a limit of 100 products.
  • Premium: it is on offer at 50% savings at the price of €99 per month. Renewal is € 29.99 per month. You can upload a limit of 2,500 products.
  • Unlimited: At a price of €99 per month at 40% savings, you can upload unlimited products and create customer groups and offer discounts for specific groups. It renews at the price of € 49.99 per month.

If you have any doubts, uncertainties or otherwise, you can always contact the GoDaddy customer support team at: 800-790178 .


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