How to Apply for OPay POS in Nigeria (2024)

How to Apply for OPay POS in Nigeria (2021)

Opay which is also known as Paycom has been a fast-rising fintech company in Nigeria, it has created numerous opportunities for many Nigerians and one of the latest opportunities it has presented to Nigerians is the OPay Merchant that lets you become an OPay Agent.

Being an OPay Agent, you can get their POS Machine and carry out bill payments, withdrawals and also sending of money for people and this will help you generate income as time goes on.


But one question I always find out people ask online is, “How Can I Apply For OPay POS?” Well, you’ll find answers to your questions here on Naijatechnews and in today’s topic from our Tech Tutor Section, you’ll know more on how to Apply For OPay POS in Nigeria and how to become an OPay Agent with a registered license and you’ll start making money.

Steps to Apply for OPay POS in Nigeria

Before you can apply for OPay POS in Nigeria, you’ll need to go through some steps and these steps will involve you carrying out a couple of transactions and also having some documents that’ll clarify you are fit to become an OPay agent. these steps are quite similar to When Buying And Paying Later in Nigeria.

To Qualify For An OPay POS in Nigeria, You Must:

  • Have an OPay Account
  • You must have been a POS Agent who is familiar with how multiple transactions are being carried out using a POS machine
  • You must have had a good transaction history on your OPay account

If you feel you have all these qualifications already, now lets’ proceed to how you can apply for an OPay POS, that also involves certain steps too but I’ll state everything for you to follow up and understand easily.


To get this done, there are two steps to follow, and these steps also have other steps you’ll need to follow, therefore you have to pay complete attention and not miss out on any steps.

Step 1: Upgrade Your KYC To Level 3

If you’re already an active OPay user, you’ll definitely be a Level 2 user, but before you can get an OPay POS, your account must be on Level 3, there follow these steps to upgrade your KYC to Level 3.

  • Log into your OPay Account, then click on Me (your profile)
  • Navigate to the part that says account details, click on it and you’ll see something like Upgrade to Level 3.
  • Then you’ll be asked to upload the following documents like Government Issued ID, A Passport Photograph and A Utility Bill.
  • Once you’ve provided that, you can now click on the Upgrade Limit button and submit your documents, verification will take 2 or more working days to complete.

Step 2: Upgrade To Merchant Account

  • Firstly, you’ll need to download the Opay Business App from Google Play Store, you can do that via the app icon shown below.
    How to Apply for OPay POS in Nigeria (2021)

    Price: To be announced

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, now launch it and sign in with your normal OPay account.
  • Once you’ve signed in, you will see a banner that says Upgrade To A Merchant To Apply for POS. Click it
  • Now you’ll be asked to fill in details of your Shop address, information, shop website and also provide multiple images on the front view and inside view of your shop.
  • Once you’ve done all that, you can now proceed to the last part where you’ll need to provide more details for them.
  • Then you can now apply, it should take about 48 hours before you will get a response that’ll tell if you’ve been accepted or not.

Once they’ve responded after 48 hours, if the outcome is a good one, then you can easily request for your POS, but if it was declined, you’ll need to know why they rejected you then you can try again.


I hope you find this article very helpful and if you have difficulties during the setup and verification of documents, you might need to make sure you’re giving them accurate information. To Apply For OPay POS in Nigeria is very easy if you meet up with their required documents.

And being an OPay agent is one of the best ways to make more money because they have a very good commission which they give to all their agents per transactions done daily and transactions done monthly.

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