How to block a contact in Outlook

How to block a contact in Outlook.Email accounts are the means by which we can manage some requests in certain institutions, it also allows us to communicate with other people and companies. However, there are times when we receive a large number of messages from the same sender or a certain contact becomes annoying. If you are interested in knowing how to block that contact , in this article we will help you discover it.

How to block a contact in Outlook

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  1. What is the way to block an email address in Outlook?
    1. In the computer
    2. From the phone
  2. What happens to emails from people who are blocked in Outlook?
    1. automatic deletion
    2. Delivery cancellation
  3. Where to see the contacts that have been blocked in Outlook?

What is the way to block an email address in Outlook?;How to block a contact in Outlook.

Outlook is one of the oldest email platforms on the market and has a large number of users. Although it must be recognized that Gmail groups more people.

This platform offers many interesting functions to its users, which can be very useful in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, among them you can dictate a message to be sent by mail . This is ideal for those situations where you are doing some manual work and need to answer a correspondence.

Another innovation of this platform is that you can share a video with a contact through this platform , you just need the recording to meet the requirements of Outlook so you don’t have problems when sending it.

Now, if you need to send a multimedia file or a Word document to a contact, you can attach it to the message and send it through the platform. This can help you if you need to submit a form or complete a requirement of a process that you have in process.

Just as there are complex functions that make your day-to-day activities easier, you will also find processes as basic and practical as adding a contact to the address list . That way, every time you need to send him a message, you just have to search the directory and send the information you need.

There are several ways to block an email address in Outlook. The important thing is that you perform each step as needed in the process so that you can control or limit messages to that contact.

In the computer

If you are using your computer and you notice that a person or company starts sending you messages that you don’t like or are of no interest to you, you can block them from the website on your computer. This will prevent you from receiving messages in your inbox that you no longer want.

To block a contact you have to log in to Outlook and locate the inbox. In the upper right part of the screen you will see several icons, including the cogwheel that represents the configuration menu.

How to block a contact in Outlook

Once you enter the configuration, you must click on the last section called options, this will display a series of options on the left side of the screen. In this step you must choose the mail option and among the tabs it has, you must choose spam email. You should know that each of the tabs has several options that you can have, to see each one you just have to click on the main tab and the rest will automatically appear.

Once you locate yourself in spam, you must select the blocked senders section, which is what interests us in this case. There you can place the email address you want to limit.

From the phone

If, instead, you want to use your mobile to block an address, it is not essential to install the Outlook application on the phone. With the Gmail application you can do it in a simple way, you just have to add the Outlook account to the Gmail application that comes natively on your device.

Once you’ve set up your Outlook account on your phone, you can open it and long press the message from the contact you want to block. Then you must locate the section mark as spam.

Then you must tap on the three vertical points that are at the top of the screen to confirm the action. This will cause all the messages that come from the sender to be classified as junk and you will not have to see it anymore or receive a notification of its arrival.

What happens to emails from people who are blocked in Outlook?

It is true that we can all change our minds at any time, and an example that comes in very handy is when you decide to block a contact. The reasons for doing so can be very different and the seriousness of the case can vary .

However, many wonder where the emails of an unwanted contact go? This concern can arise out of pure curiosity or when you change your mind and now want to unblock the contact.

automatic deletion

There are people who are totally sure that they do not want to receive the message from a certain sender again, especially when they are companies that are constantly promoting products that we are not interested in and what they do is clutter our mail with messages that we are not going to read.

In those cases, in addition to blocking the sender, you probably want those messages to be deleted automatically. Unfortunately at the moment there is no such option, to delete the messages you can do it manually.

Delivery cancellation

What if you can configure in Outlook that the deliveries of the messages are annulled, this means that they are sent to the spam folder. When messages from a blocked sender arrive in your account, they won’t go through your inbox , but instead go directly to that folder.

Where to see the contacts that have been blocked in Outlook?

If you want to review the list of blocked addresses to remove a contact from that section, you just have to go to the configuration and in the mail section you must select the spam email tab and in the blocked sender section you will find the list where you can modify or delete an address that is there.

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