How to boost and increase Phone volume without using apps

Good day everyone, have you been experiencing issue with your loud speaker volume and you just feel like downloading volume booster apps. Sometimes those volume boosters apps are fake some doesn’t work properly after downloading it. Well in this article you will be enlightened on how to boost your android smartphone volume easily.

Just follow these easy steps and you’re good to go.

Step 1. On you home screen click on Settings.

Step 2. In your settings you will click on Sound.

Step 3. Then after that, click on Advance and scroll down.

Step 4. Then click on Sound enhancement.

Step 5. On the next screen you will see BesLoudness Switch it on to activate the Volume Booster

Step 6. Now go back to your settings, scroll down and click Accessibility.

Step 7. Now scroll down and click on Mono audio.

Now you can go back to the music or video you were enjoying. Make sure you loud the volume to get the very best out of it.

Note: It’s not compulsory to switch on the Mono audio. Switching on the Mono audio allow the smartphone to Combine channels when playing audio.

You can also ask your questions below, Thank You for reading have a wonderful day.

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