How to change the font and colors of your Instagram bio

The social network Instagram in its beginnings provided a basic view of its profile to all users. Everything on the platform was very simple to tell the truth, it is more one could say that before Facebook was better than Instagram. Now, the same cannot be said today, since Instagram offers better features and its appearance is above that of Facebook.

The biographies within this social platform can be customized in such a way that they turn out to be much more striking than as they come by default. Shortly, it will show how to change the font color in the biography of your Instagram profile , how to modify the type of description in your Instagram biography and also how to enter the settings to the Instagram description where you can change the type of letter.

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  1. What tool can you use to change the font color in your Instagram bio?
  2. What is the way in which you can modify the typography of your Instagram description?
    1. Font changer
    2. LingoJam
  3. How to access your Instagram description settings to use a different font?

What tool can you use to change the font color in your Instagram bio?

Instagram lets you put a different color on your biography to make it more lively and to make it look more creative. However, the platform does not leave everything so easy at your disposal, but you must use a tool to be able to change the color of the biography.

The best tool out there to do this kind of thing is called ‘Cool Fonts for Instagram’. Apart from knowing which is the tool with which the work should be carried out, it is very important that you know how to carry out the whole process:

  1. The first thing you have to do is download the Cool Fonts for Instagram application (Available in the Play Store)
  2. Then, enter the application and write the text you want to change the color of
  3. Then change the color of the text, cut it from there and paste it in your Instagram bio

With this application you can even change the font style of Instagram biographies. Therefore, if you are interested in using other types of letters, you can do it without any problem and then paste it in the Instagram biography . By the way, it should be noted that so that your mobile data plan does not wear out so quickly, it would be good for you to activate the data saving on Instagram .

What is the way in which you can modify the typography of your Instagram description?

The typeface within Instagram bios can be changed using tools like LingoJam or Font Changer. Such applications are the best and also the most used to carry out this type of work. However, let’s talk a little more about them so you can see what they are capable of:

Font changer

Font Changer is specifically an application that can be installed on Android and iOS system devices because it is very light. Using this application you can give any portion of text a very nice style by changing the font type . When it comes to font types, you don’t have to worry as it has a large number of fonts that you can use.

Apart from using this application to modify the font of your biography, it can also be used to change the color of the text that you will place in your WhatsApp or Facebook status.


LingoJam is specifically a website that can change the font of any type of text. The LingoJam is perfect for those on Instagram who want to change the font style in their bio from a computer. It should be noted that if you use Instagram from the website, you can download the PC version .

With this version, you will enjoy all the recent features of the platform. This website has a great diversity of styles of letters and formats never seen before. Also, the best thing about this website is that it never presents problems the way mobile apps do.

How to access your Instagram description settings to use a different font?

Since you know how to change the type of letters on Instagram, you just need to learn how to access your profile settings . The place of this option will always change depending on the device you use. Pay attention to how the process is carried out from an Android and iOS mobile:

  1. Enter the Instagram application
  2. Look for the icon that has your profile photo
  3. Then, enter choose the option that says ‘Edit profile’

From there, you can edit the description of your profile on Instagram, your gender, your contact number and other things. Now, see how to access this information from a computer:

  1. Enter the Instagram website and log in
  2. Look for the icon with your profile picture next to the bell icon and click on it
  3. When the different options are displayed, choose the one that says ‘Profile’
  4. When entering your profile, click where it says ‘Edit profile’

In that option, you can edit your name, your email, your phone number, your website, your gender and by the way also your biography data .

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