How to Check If You Are Sleepwalking With your Android Phone

How to Check If You Are Sleepwalking With your Android Phone

How to Check If You Are Sleepwalking With your Android PhoneHow to Check If You Are Sleepwalking With your Android Phone

How to Check If You Are Sleepwalking? Sometimes you may wonder what is really going on at night, and not just because you might find some things elsewhere than you left them the day before.

Sleepiness is really common, and things you might not even imagine can happen overnight. Some people just snore or say various nonsense from sleeping, but some can, for example, peel a banana and leave it in a fruit bowl.

But first, you have to ask yourself if it’s really necessary or if you’re just interested because according to that you can set up different devices to find out what really happens at night when you don’t know anything.

Best Apps to Check if You are Sleepwalking:

There are various sleep trackers that you can either pay for or use only for free. But if you pay a little extra, you can use features that are sometimes really useful.

SleepCycle: Sleep Tracker, Alarm Clock & Monitoring System

This application will give you countless interesting features. Not only do you control your sleep, but it is mainly about setting a proper night mode, regular sleep, and more. Other of its functions are, for example, waking up in light sleep, which is useful because such getting up harms you the least.

But the most important feature is recording at night when you don’t know anything. This sleepwalking application records every rollover and every speech or movement that takes place during the night. So in the morning or when you have time you will find out what actually happened and what sounds were going on there.

Of course, this is a free sleep tracking application, but for an additional fee, you can enjoy many more and premium features.

SleepScore: #1 Sleepwalk Tracking App

SleepCore is very similar, but again it has a slightly different function. One of them is, for example, falling asleep to various pleasant and soothing sounds and/or music. You can also determine what you actually want to do with your sleep, whether you want to have a shorter or longer sleep, or whether you wake up unnecessarily.

This application can be manipulated a little better on iPhones, but it is also possible on Android. And again, we get to the recording function at night, and that’s the most important thing for us. This application also offers countless free features but the paid ones are a bit better.

But if you hear really weird sounds or really weird things are happening, you better set up your cameras and either record all night or buy and set a sensor that will start recording with each sound or movement.

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