How to create a new email account in Gmail

Tips and recommendations before you start using email, free recommended services on the internet, such as sending, receiving messages and managing an account through a web client, advantages and options when using the Google Mail service, other recommended providers.

E-mail is one of the most useful and popular internet functions, it allows us to communicate with our peers in any geographical area, almost instantaneously.
Currently creating an email or email account is quite simple and even free and is available to anyone with internet access, whether using a desktop PC, a laptop or even a cell phone.
We can even have different accounts from different providers and use them for different purposes.
Email accounts are not only used to send and receive information, but also to identify and authenticate ourselves in many of the services provided on the internet.
That is why it is necessary to actively participate in the network, have more than one account. One of them for personal purposes, another for the work or student world environment and one dedicated exclusively to authenticate us in the services that we mention and thus not compromise our private information.
It is possible to access each of them using the web browser either from the PC or from a device or software installed on our equipment.
All the necessary process to create an account, send and receive information, is explained in this article.

Services where you can create a free email or email account

Until just a few years ago, to have an email account you had to pay. The companies that offered Internet access included and still do, an email account.
Examples are email addresses ending in @, @, etc.
Currently there are several companies on the network that provide the email service, that is, they are suppliers with whom it is possible to register and thus obtain a unique email address, with a login or username and password, which allow us to authenticate and access our account.
The electronic address thus created has the following format:

username @ email service

Many of these companies offer the service for free, some of them include Adds or advertising, others limit some of the functionalities and offer them only with the paid service.
In any case, it is necessary to inquire before the characteristics of any service, with an external reference.
This page only refers to the most popular, representative and prestigious services on the internet today.
You can use the following links to access these sites, where to request and create a new email account, but do not rush, keep reading that below you will find more information that will be necessary and useful.

Main free email services on the internet

There are several services available on the internet that can be used at no cost. Among them, three giants stand out:

Google Mail (Gmail) with more than 425 million users is the youngest, but most successful and popular mail service on the internet.

Outlook , is a new mail service from Microsoft, successor to the classic and famous Hotmail.
Outlook initially worked in parallel with Hotmail, but has now fully integrated the clients of the old service.
However, the accounts created in one or the other service work correctly, even without the user having to make any manual adjustments.
It offers new features such as its simplicity that make it very practical, the availability of the SMTP protocol and integration with the Microsoft SkyDrive file storage service. groups more than 400 million users.
To create an account you need to have or create a Microsoft account, which is free.
Read more information on the next page: Create a new account in

Load a table that shows all the free email services on the web, with the characteristics of each one. Expand the width of the browser (F11 key) to see it more clearly.

See infographic: Email services available on the internet for free

Before accessing these sites to request your new account, have the username and password that you will use in it ready.
This password must be secure to prevent your account from being hacked.

How to create a strong password to use for email?

Creating a password that cannot be bypassed is simple:

Use no less than 8 characters, alternating lowercase letters with uppercase letters, numbers and some special characters, such as some of the following: & # * @!

A password created like this, for example: ConTra3 @ * nobody will be able to hack it.
You can check the password created on the following page: Check the security and strength of passwords

Create an email account in Gmail

This article will address how to create a new Google Mail account, to do it with the other providers that provide this service is quite similar.
Why GMail?

Advantages of the Gmail email service

GMail has several advantages in relation to its competitors, the main ones are the following:

✓ 15 GB of shared storage with other Google services, enough capacity for email use.
✓ Effective protection against Spam (spam), pishing (fake messages) and the detection of viruses in attached messages.
✓ Total security of our data by encrypting messages, using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and HTTPS (secure protocol).
✓ Possibility of integrating other accounts, that is to say, receiving by means of GMail grouped, emails from different accounts without impairing their operation.
✓ Optional forwarding of messages to another account, keeping them without deleting on the server. Read how to do it: How to forward Gmail messages to another email account
✓ Gmail integration with other Google services, such as the new social network Google+, Google Docs, Gmap, etc.
✓ Automatic translation of messages received in other languages, currently supports more than 50 languages.
✓ Ability to configure the service to establish an automatic response during the holidays, so if you are traveling, your friends will know that you will not check email.
✓ Preview of images in messages.
✓ Option to send large attachments to the integrated GoogleDrive storage service .
✓ PDF file previews, just click on the “View” link next to any attached .pdf file you receive.
✓ Fully functional from cell phones, tablets and other portable devices.
✓ No advertisements or advertisements are displayed.
✓ Possibility of recovering an account using the recovery options, in addition to specifying with the Inactive Account Manager , what to do in the future if our account becomes inactive.
✓ Speed ​​and lightness like all Google services, thanks to the use of Ajax.
What is Ajax? ✓ The IMAP protocol is available in addition to the traditional POP, for receiving messages. What is IMAP? ✓ Viewing RSS feeds. Web Clips are no longer available .

What is the HTTPS protocol?

HTTPS stands for Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
It is the protocol used on the internet to transmit information securely between the client and its destination.
The vast majority of web pages use the traditional HTTP protocol, that is why internet addresses have the following format:
Only some websites, as well as a large part of email use the HTTPS protocol, This means that the data is encrypted before it is sent, making it almost impossible for someone to intercept a sent message and know its content in the interim.

When in the address bar of your web browser, you see that the address to the site you are connected to begins with HTTPS: //, highlighted in green, you can feel confident that the communication is protected in both directions. 

How to create a new Gmail account?

To request and create a new Google Mail account, follow these steps:

  • Access the GMail site with your browser using the following link: Create GMail account
    • Register, for that enter your essential data, name, surname, date of birth and country of residence.
    • Choose a login or username, it will be what appears in your email address before the at sign.
    • It must have a minimum of 8 characters without spaces and it must be available, that is, it must not be in use by another user.
    The format of any Gmail address looks like this:

  • The last step is the verification of the account created, which can be done by means of a code received in an SMS message. If you have a cell phone, it is also possible to do it by voice.

You have already created your new Google Mail email account.

How to receive and send messages with the created email account?

There are two ways to use email accounts:

  • Using a web client
    • Using an email client application on the computer

Use a web or webmail client

The most basic way to use the created email account is to access the service provider’s website with the browser, authenticate and use the interface offered by said service (a kind of website) to send and read the emails received. It is what is known as Webmail.

Advantages and disadvantages of the web client
This system has the advantage that it is not necessary to install or use another application on the computer.
It is possible to access the email account from different places, computers and browsers, the messages will remain on the server until the user decides to delete them.
They affect and slow down the processes carried out using the web interface, the speed and quality of the internet connection.
The GMail service allows you to switch between two interfaces, a more basic one with fewer resources for slow connections.
It is essential to be connected online to read the emails received, the exception is to use the Google Chrome browser with Gears, a functionality that allows you to use GMail offline.
If you use the Google Chrome browser you can access different accounts.
To do this, go to the browser Options (the key icon in the upper right corner) and in the Personal option add a user. Log in to Google in each account with each user created, no matter how many they are.

Use an email client on your computer

An email client is a program or application that is installed on your computer.
With it it is possible to compose and send messages, download received emails from the server to read them later and fully manage an email account, with all the necessary functionalities.
It is the ideal option.
For more information on the most popular and recommended email clients, how to download, install and configure them, read the following page on this site: How to install an email or email program on your PC
If you decide on the popular Thunderbird, read a complete tutorial on how to install and configure it: Using Thunderbird as an email client on PC or Laptop

How to use Google Mail through the web client

To access your Google Mail account, create a shortcut on your desktop by dragging the following link
• To send an email, click on the Compose link located above the list of folders in the Gmail interface and a form will appear.
• In the “To:” field, enter the email address of the person you want to write to.
• In “Subject” write the subject of the message.
• Then write the text of the message.
• When you have finished writing your message, click the “Send” button to have it sent immediately.
• All received emails are stored in the “Received” folder.
Gmail automatically checks every two minutes for the arrival of a new message, however, you can force verification at any time by clicking the “Update” link.
• To read a message, click on the title of the message, you will see the complete message and you have the option to reply to whoever sent it, clicking on “Reply”.

Import other email accounts to Google Mail

If you have an account in another mail service, you have the option of importing it into Google Mail using the Get messages function .
This allows two advantages, one of simplifying and summarizing the reading of new messages in a single account without deleting the other and the other is having your mailbox duplicated, a kind of backup or backup for any errors or failures that may occur.
This function can be used with up to five different accounts.

Configure the Get Messages feature

Requirements: have POP access enabled.
• Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, then open the Accounts & Import tab .
• In the Check mail using POP3 section , click Add POP3 email account .
• Enter the full email address of the account you want to access and then enter your password.

Tricks for Gmail
Read the pages in the section Tricks for Gmail that we are creating, where you will find information that will be very useful with your email service.
• Tips for Gmail, Google’s email service
• How to use a Gmail email account without an internet connection
• How to send to Gmail and share the text of a web page by email

Create an email account or email from the cell phone

At present there is a large percentage of users, continuously growing, who access the internet from portable devices such as cell phones, smartphones and tablets.
All of them have email clients installed, which allow you to send and receive email messages, similar to a PC or Laptop.
In this case, to create a new account, it is necessary to use different addresses than those indicated at the beginning of this article.
If you read this article using a cell phone or tablet, use the following links to access one of these services and create an email account.

✔ Google Mail =
✔ AOL =
✔ mail2pda =

How to have your own email or email address or domain

When creating a new email account using one of the services that offer it for free on the web, this address will always include the domain name of the provider.
For instance:

You can have your own email server to create as many addresses as you want using the domain name you choose and thus make the addresses more personal. For instance:

How to do it?
It is necessary for that to pay for the hosting service in one of the several companies that provide it on the network, that way you will have the right to your own space on a web server.
You can use this space to have your own web pages including the possibility of having your email server.
The process is not difficult at all and the cheapest hosting prices range from 10 USD per year.
If you have the possibility to pay it, it is the best option.
Read more information about what you should know about these services on the following page: Tips for choosing a hosting or web hosting service

After having your own internet domain, even if you don’t hire the hosting service, you can also have your own personalized email.
Read how to do it on the next page: Create free email accounts for an internet domain

How it works inside GMail according to Google

Google has created a new section on its site called Story Of Send (How to send an email)
It is a kind of dissection of the operation of the Google Mail service. An interactive page in which we can see step by step, what happens with our emails .
A virtual tour with several videos and photographs of specific points throughout the process.

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