How to create WhatsApp stickers with your images?

The WhatsApp application now allows us to use a great variety of functions , among those sending personalized and animated stickers to your friends, there is a great variety today of these, and at least once you have used them.

But, you still don’t know how to make them or what applications are there to create these ? Here we will give you very useful information then, so that you can make new stickers to impress your acquaintances.

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  1. What are the best applications to create my own stickers for WhatsApp?
    1. Stickers with Bitmoji
    2. Gboard
    3. Sticker Maker
    4. WStick
  2. What recommendations to follow to make perfect stickers with my images?
    1. Make a perfect cutout
    2. Use PNG format

What are the best applications to create my own stickers for WhatsApp?

Stickers have become a key factor when having our conversations, since they can provide a message that you want to convey in a funny and even easier way . Therefore, below, we will show you a series of applications where you can make them yourself in an easy and very useful way, here you will see how you can create your own stickers.

Stickers with Bitmoji

This is an application to share in a more creative way any idea you want to express. This option to personalize the messages in the stickers is only available on the Bitmoji application keyboard for both iOS and Android, as well as in browsers with its Chrome extension.

These stickers are incorporated by a watermark in the lower right corner, so you will know if someone has sent you a sticker that comes from the Bitmoji gallery. This application has restricted words , so try to be respectful because it may not work for your sticker.

To use the Bitmoji keyboard you just have to do the following . Press the keyboard configuration option that is located at the bottom and it will have a globe-shaped icon, here you must follow the instructions. And voila, you already have your Bitmoji keyboard installed. By already having your Bitmoji keyboard installed correctly you will be able to make your stickers.

Now to customize the stickers of the Android keyboard you just have to enter a message application that its operation with Bitmoji is correctly, now start typing, when you write your second character one of the Bitmoji designs will be displayed, it will appear in your toolbar suggestions, you can swipe to find other results on Gboard.


The stickers on Gboard can be a bit like Apple’s so-called emoji. These are not specifically stickers with photos, they are basically a recreation, but an animated form of your face, to make them you just have to go to Google keyboard tools and do the following.

Enter the keyboard, press the option where it says stickers, go to ‘Your thumbnails’ and enter create, here it will open the camera of your device, you must pose to take a photo. By having the photo ready, Google will already have your thumbnails created, there are 3 thumbnails which you can customize to your liking, when you finish your editing add to the app and you can use them to share them whenever and with whoever you want.

Sticker Maker

If you want to make stickers with your photos , Sticker Maker is one of the programs that can help you, this is one of the best alternatives to make your creativity fly and make the best stickers; has the purpose of creating animated stickers that you can even make collections of them, of course with a maximum of 30 and a minimum of 2 stickers.

It is very easy to use and is available for Android and iOS . First, you have to go to the option of creating a new sticker pack there they will give you a new collection for you to do, all the boxes will be blank, choose the name of your preference, then you have to click on the boxes and select the photo on your device, it can be edited, put whatever you want if you want it square, everything to your liking.

To use them you just have to import it to your WhatsApp and you can use it immediately. With this you can also pass the stickers you use in WhatsApp to Telegram .


This is an app that is created to make stickers not only for WhatsApp, but also for other applications, in order to make it easier to create stickers of your choice to share them with your messaging contacts.

This application has its payment method that you can make up to 30 stickers in the same package, although it also has its free version that you can make only 16 stickers in the package, this includes advertising.

One of the most interesting option is that it can help you eliminate the background of your photographs so that your sticker is more professional, but not only does it have this, it is very complete, since it includes with it how to cut the photos, change their size, and it even allows you to import external stickers.

This app is suitable for entering your own texts in order to help your image to convey the message that you want to make known with the use of texts.

What recommendations to follow to make perfect stickers with my images?

If you like perfection in all your things, your stickers cannot be the exception, here we will give you some ideas so that your stickers are perfect, the first thing I would recommend is to find an app that offers you the option of magnifying glass in its cuts, this way you will have more range of vision to the small details.

Make a perfect cutout

When you have your image already selected, ready to make your sticker, enter it on the page with which you are going to make the sticker, having it there carefully draw the cutout that you want to make a sticker, try to do it slowly so that it costs you less, a good pulse and being calm is very helpful in these cases.

You can apply zoom if the application you use gives you that option so you will have better precision when it comes to a difficult corner or a small detail. Try not to cut another fragment that you do not want on your sticker.

Use PNG format

There is also the option to use images directly in PNG format , this saves you a lot of valuable time, since they already come without a background, this is why using PNG is very useful and practical to create your stickers, you can easily obtain them online or create your own images in PNG.

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