How to delete all Facebook messages

Facebook is one of the most used social networks today, and just like any other, you can keep in touch with any of your friends through the messaging system that the platform sets up.

This application is also one of the social networks with the longest time in the app market, and practically since its inception it has set up a chat with which you can communicate with people , what is the problem with this? Well, basically, if you are like us who have never deleted a Facebook chat, surely you will have hundreds, if not thousands of chats stored there.

And this becomes an even bigger problem when you realize that Facebook does not allow you to delete all messages or chats at the same time, because you have to go one by one to be able to delete them, but does this have a solution? Well, we will see that today.

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  1. Can you delete all Facebook messages at once without external apps?
  2. Methods for deleting messages on Facebook
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  3. Is it possible to recover deleted messages from our Facebook account?

Can you delete all Facebook messages at once without external apps?

On Facebook you cannot delete several messages at once, unlike WhatsApp where you can delete many messages for everyone or for yourself at the same time. That is, if you, for example, are talking on Facebook or Messenger with a friend and for any reason you want to delete more than one message, you will not be able to select them and give an option to “delete” or “delete”.

The explanation that Facebook gives for not having such a necessary function, how to delete several messages at the same time, is that this could be a problem for some users, referring to those who delete a message by mistake when they want to delete several at once. In view of this, Facebook does not mount the option that users can delete many messages at the same time as a kind of “method to take care of our privacy”, although it is a somewhat strange way of taking care of ourselves, thank you, Facebook?

Now, just that happens with the subject of chats as well. On Facebook you cannot delete several chats at once , and if you are like us who have never deleted our conversations since we have Facebook, then unfortunately you will have to go one by one deleting those more than 100 chats that you surely have.

Methods for deleting messages on Facebook

As we already told you, on Facebook if you can delete the messages you send , even if several cannot be at the same time. Be that as it may, if there is a function that allows you to delete the messages both so that they do not appear in your chat, and so that the person to whom you have sent them cannot see them.

From Facebook

To delete messages, either from Facebook on your computer or from the Messenger application on a mobile device, you have to follow a few simple steps.

First enter the chat where the message you want to delete is , then click on it and to the side you will see about 3 vertical points. Click on those points and among the options that appear, you must select the one that says “Delete”.

You will get a warning that says something like “why do you want to delete this message?” And you will also see two options; one that says “Cancel the sending for everyone”, which means that the message will not be seen by anyone after you delete it, and “Delete for me” which basically serves so that the message is deleted only in your chat and not in that of the other person.

Is it possible to recover deleted messages from our Facebook account?

Facebook makes it very clear in its terms and conditions that deleted messages and chats cannot be recovered . For this reason, it is better than before deleting the files, because that is how you keep the messages and the chat will not be seen in the inbox of your Facebook.

What we are telling you is the official answer, however, through a little more complicated methods you could get to recover deleted messages from Facebook . We tell you that it is a bit more complicated because you need to install a file explorer , whether you are on a mobile (Android or iPhone) or a Chrome extension if you are on a computer.

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