How to digitally sign documents on Android

Everyone at some point has had to sign a document through the traditional process: print the document, sign it and deliver it, by scanning or physically. Thanks to our Android phone we can sign documents digitally without the need for a printer , since there are several applications that allow us to carry out this process .

For this tutorial we are going to focus on DocuSign as, in our experience, it works the best and the easiest to use. It is a completely free app that you can download on any Android phone.

Sign documents on Android without a printer

The first thing we will do is download the DocuSign app and create a free account. We will only have to give a name and email address, something that will allow us to manage our signatures later even in the cloud , such as DropBox, Google Drive and Evernote.

Self-signature: what it is and how to use it to sign documents with your digital certificate

Once we are inside the app we can create our signature . There are two main methods to create it: drawing it or through a photograph. If we decide to create it manually we can choose between the colors black, blue and red,

Once the signature is created, we have a button in the app that allows us to scan a document or add it from any application . Once we open the document, we can start signing it digitally, and the results are outstanding .

DocuSign allows you to adjust the signature in detail, it has a very good quality respecting the file and we can share it in the apps we want

DocuSign allows you to adjust the size of the signature, attach our initials, add the date of the signature and even add a text box. The most relevant thing is that the quality is very good , so it does not show at all that we have used an app to sign the document.

We can share the signed document with any other app, from uploading it to the cloud to saving it in the Telegram files or any app. It will be saved in the same format as the original document , as a modification of it.

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