How to disable annoying ads in the PS4 menu

PlayStation 4 users are quite annoyed with the latest move made by Sony on their home console. As soon as we turn on our machine, in the main menu of the system we will find an advertisement that appears as if it were a special game, since it is located in the first place of the interface.

This is exactly an advertisement for Destiny 2  in which we will see a trailer with the Guardians fighting the Cabal or the Fallen. But don’t worry, we will explain a way to deactivate these ads below .

We will have to do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Select the option “System”
  • Go to “Automatic Downloads”
  • Uncheck “Featured Content”

As you can see, if we follow these simple steps, not only will the current Destiny 2 advertising disappear from the main PS4 menu , but we will never see this type of promoted content on the console dashboard again.

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