How To Earn And Spend CoinMarketCap Free Diamonds

How To Earn And Spend CoinMarketCap Free Diamonds
How To Earn And Spend CoinMarketCap Free DiamondsHow To Earn And Spend CoinMarketCap Free Diamonds

CoinMarketCap Diamonds

CoinMarketCap launched a loyalty rewards program for the platform users. learn more about CoinMarketCap Diamonds. CoinMarketCap has announced the launch of it’s loyalty program called “CoinMarketCap Diamonds”

‍CoinMarketCap is announced the launch of our loyalty program: CoinMarketCap Diamonds.

You’ve already heard of “diamond hands” — someone with hands of steel that won’t waver and press the sell button, even when the market is collapsing. Now, CoinMarketCap has their own “diamonds” — loyalty rewards points that our users can earn for completing various tasks on the CoinMarketCap website.


How to Earn CoinMarketCap Diamonds

In order to start collecting CoinMarketCap Diamonds, you need to have a CoinMarketCap account — it’s just that easy.
You can start earning Diamonds by visiting CoinMarketCap every day — and soon, you will also be able to earn Diamonds by interacting with different CoinMarketCap features.

How to Spend CoinMarketCap Diamonds

Once you have accumulated some CoinMarketCap Diamonds, you will be able to spend them in the future at our CoinMarketCap Diamonds rewards store on items like CoinMarketCap merch, NFTs and more.

The CoinMarketCap Diamonds program is just getting started — check back to see what other ways you can earn and spend Diamonds in the future on the platform.

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