How to easily post a comment on an Instagram “Live

Instagram is one of the most used social networks today. The users of this application have at their disposal a lot of functions that allow them to interact in a very creative way with your followers; be it through feed posts, IG TV, reels, or stories.

However, apart from these functions, Instagram also has a tool with which you can interact live and direct with your followers, and we are not talking about anything else but the Instagram Lives.

If you usually use Instagram and are used to doing Live through the application , surely you already know the tricks of this tool, such as setting the comments made by your viewers. In case you don’t know and want to find out how to do it, we’ll tell you about it later.

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  1. What does a comment posted on an Instagram Live look like and what is the use of doing it?
  2. Make ‘Pin Comment’ to a comment of your live in the correct way
    1. From iOS or Android devices
    2. On a pc

What does a comment posted on an Instagram Live look like and what is the use of doing it?

When you are doing your Live on Instagram , all the people who are watching it will be able to see the comments that are made, and if you post any of those, the first comment that will appear on the screen of your viewers will be the one you have posted.

When you are doing the Live on your Instagram account, you can fix any comment that you liked , even if you comment on any information that is of interest to your viewers, you can set that comment so that it is the first thing your followers see at the time to go live.

Make ‘Pin Comment’ to a comment of your live in the correct way

To post a comment on your Instagram Live you just have to follow a few simple steps. The way to set a comment will depend on the devices you use to make the Lives, so on Android or iOS the process is a bit different, although in neither case is it complicated.

In the case of PC, the process does change a bit, because just starting a Live on Instagram is not very simple, but if you already know how to start a Live on a computer, posting a comment is simple.

From iOS or Android devices

To post a comment on your Live from Android you must first enter the Instagram app . Then, you must slide the screen to the right, when the camera jumps to record stories you have to slide the options that appear below to “Live” again.

At that moment, you must click on the middle button to start Live. After that, you just have to wait for your viewers to see your broadcast and comment on something you want to fix , or on the other hand, you can make a comment yourself and fix it. For that, you just have to click on the comment in question and select the option to set comment.

To fix the comment on iOS you must follow almost the same steps, since it only differs in that when you enter the camera to record the stories on Instagram, you must look for the option “Live” and click on “Start transmission”. When the “Live” is started, you will have to wait for them to comment, or make the comment yourself, then click on it, and select the “Pin comment” option.

On a pc

The process to just start a Live on PC is not entirely simple, because you must install a few programs on your computer so that Instagram allows you to start the “Live” . In case you have already been able to start the transmission, because the process to fix the comment does not differ much from what we already told you for iOS or Android.

What you have to do is basically wait for one of your viewers to make a comment on your Live, or on the other hand, make the comment you want to post yourself. When that comment is already there, click on it, and select the option to “Set comment”.

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