How to find the holder of the mobile number

Did you find a phone number written on an old post-it stored in your desk drawer that you can’t remember who the owner is? Are you receiving fairly frequent calls from an unknown address and would like to find out who it belongs to? Maybe I can help you out. Or rather, they can give you the solutions to find the holder number that I am about to recommend.

Finding out who owns a cell phone number, I tell you right away, is not easy, since as you know there are no public lists for the latter … but we must not despair! There are, in fact, services in which users voluntarily share their telephone numbers, in order to make them publicly traceable: try them and with a bit of luck you will succeed in your intent. Again in this regard, it could be very convenient to rely on the “power” of instant messaging services, social networks and the Internet in general.

The situation becomes much less complex when you try to trace the holder of a landline number: just turn to public directories or collaborative identification services, which use user comments to “track down” telemarketing operators, the scammers and all those annoyances who annoy us every day with their phone calls. It usually takes only a few seconds to get all the information you need. To find out more, read on.


  • How to find the holder of the mobile number
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How to find the holder of the mobile number

Let’s start by trying to figure out how to find the mobile number holder . As anticipated at the beginning, there are no public lists for mobile network users, consequently you have to in a certain sense “make do” and cross your fingers so that you can find the holder of the number using collaborative lists, as in the case of those reported below, as well as through messaging services and social networks.


When it comes to mobile phone numbers, among the best solutions available on the market to be able to find the owner number, there is no doubt Truecaller. This is an online service which, drawing on a proprietary database consisting of the numbers of users who have consented to the use of the service, allows you to easily identify telephone numbers not saved in the address book. Basically it is free, but eventually it is possible to subscribe to a paid subscription (at the basic cost of 3.99 euros / month) which allows you to remove advertising and unlock other extra functions. Note, however, that to be used it requires the sharing of your number within its public database, which is not the best for privacy, so I invite you to carefully consider whether to use it or not.

If you decide to try Truecaller, to use it you need to connect to the home page of the service , fill in the Search a phone number search field at the top by entering the mobile number for which you want to get more details and click on the button with the  magnifying glass . If necessary, before starting the search, change the prefix using the appropriate menu on the left, selecting the correct option from it (eg +39 Italy ).

After completing the above steps, decide whether to log in to the service using the Google account or the Microsoft account by clicking on the relevant button that is proposed to you on the screen and providing your data, then wait for the page to be visible with the search results. If you are asked to share your address book , do not agree.

If the number you previously entered is present in the Truecaller list, you will see a specific card indicating the total number of users who have reported their contact details, the users they belong to and their address. If the numbering is not present in the Truecaller database, you will be immediately notified on the screen.

If you are interested, I would like to point out that Truecaller can also be used in the form of an app for Android mobile devices (also available on alternative stores ) and iOS .


Another service that in my opinion you would do well to consider if you are interested in finding a free mobile number holder is  Tellows . If you have never heard of it, I inform you that it is an additional collaborative portal that allows you to identify numbers from the so-called “known annoyances” thanks to the feedback and reports of other users. It is totally free and requires no registration.

To use it, go to the relevant home page and type the phone number of your interest in the text field enter the number located both in the center of the page and at the top right, then start the search by pressing the button with the magnifying glass adjacent magnification .

If information is available for the phone number you entered previously, you will be shown all the details of the case in the new web page that will open. If, on the other hand, the number is not present in the service lists, the search will return no results.


To try to find the owner number, the use of WhatsApp can also be very useful . If the reference telephone number refers to a WhatsApp account, in fact, it will be possible to view the relative user name and, consequently, to trace the holder of the line, provided that he has used his real data and that he is the actual user. of users.

That said, in order to use WhatsApp for your purpose, all you have to do is take note of the mobile number of your interest and add it to the phone book , following the procedure provided for the mobile platform in use: in general, anyway , just open the Contacts app and press the button to add a new name .

After completing the steps above, open WhatsApp, start a new conversation by pressing the icon of the comic and checks whether the name previously saved appear in the list of available contacts. If so, tap on his profile picture , in order to view the details of the user profile and, therefore, also his name.

Other solutions to find the mobile number holder

The resources to find the holder of a mobile phone number that I have already reported to you have not been useful to you and, therefore, would you like me to suggest other solutions ? I’ll settle you immediately: you can find them right in the list below.

  • Who’s calling? – it is a free online service that, through user reports, allows you to identify the numbers of call centers, telemarketers and the like. It is free and is also available as an app for Android and iOS mobile devices (in this case in-app purchases are offered, at a basic cost of 1.99 euros to be able to fully use the service).
  • Me– this is an online service that allows you to trace various public information relating to mobile phone numbers, as well as landlines. It can also be used on smartphones, through the relative app for Android and iOS (on which in-app purchases are offered, at the base cost of 1.13 euros, to unlock all the available functions).
  • Dive3000– is a web service that has a proprietary database containing the numbers provided by users registered with it. You can use it for free, but it requires the creation of a specific account and the sharing of your number within the database.

How to find a fixed number holder

Are you going to find a landline number holder ? Well, as I told you at the beginning, it is a feasible operation, especially if the address you want to find is included in the public lists containing the fixed numbers of individuals and professionals. Below, therefore, you will find those that in my humble opinion represent the best resources to succeed in the enterprise.

White pages

To find the owner of a fixed telephone number,  you can first of all use the “very classic” PagineBianche , which are available in the form of a website through which it is possible to find out who owns a particular telephone number by revealing the name of the owner of the same, but also the address provenance and various other information, provided such details are public. It is free and works without having to create an account.

To use PagineBanche, connected to the relevant home page , select the telephone number option and enter the telephone number you would like to know more about in the appropriate text field, then click on the search button on the right.

You will then be shown a page with the results of the search performed and, if the telephone number entered is actually present in the telephone directories, you will see the reference address appear as well as the address (if available) directly on the map, after clicking on the link map . If the number entered is not present in the White Pages lists, the search will return no results.

If this may interest you, I would like to point out that the service is possibly also accessible in the form of a free app for Android and iOS / iPadOS mobile devices .

Yellow Pages

Another service to always keep just a click away is PagineGialle , which allows you to find the telephone numbers, or names, of shops, professionals and other commercial activities. In short, as easily deducible is nothing other than the digital transposition of the historical paper list. It is free and can be used without registration.

To be able to use it, go to the relevant home page , select the telephone option , type the telephone number you want to know more about in the field located in the center of the screen and click on the button with the magnifying glass on the right to start the search.

At this point, if the number you searched for is present in the telephone directories, you will be shown the contact details. In many cases, it is even possible to see on the map on the right the address where the professional or company to which the number is registered is located. If, on the other hand, the number entered is not present in the PagineGialle lists, the search will not return any results.

Please note that PagineGialle is also available as a no-cost app for Android and iOS / iPadOS mobile devices .

Other solutions to find a fixed number holder

If you are looking for other solutions by which to try to find the owner of a landline phone number, I suggest you contact the resources useful for the purpose that I have included in the list below. I hope they can be comfortable for you.

  • InfoBel– is a sort of gigantic interactive telephone directory through which you can easily and quickly retrieve numbers belonging to both individuals and companies. It is free and can be used even without registration.
  • Google– Sometimes information about a landline phone number can be retrieved by doing a simple Google search . So, after connecting to the home page of the search engine, enter the telephone number of your interest in the field provided and start a search as you usually do: with a little luck you may be able to obtain the desired information .
  • Facebook– often the owners of company pages on Mark Zuckerberg’s well-known social network insert their fixed telephone contacts among their business information. Consequently, I also recommend that you try to search Facebook for the information you need.

How to find English telephone number holder

Do you need to find the English telephone number holder  (or from a country other than Italy)? I inform you then that even in this case you can take advantage of the collaborative services that I pointed out to you in the initial part of the guide , which, in fact, integrate foreign telephone numbers into their database and which, consequently, can be useful for this purpose. scope.

How to find private number holder

Is there someone calling you on your mobile or home phone disguising their number and would you like to find out if there is a way to find the private number holder ? The answer is yes. By subscribing to Whooming you can take advantage of the call forwarding technique to find out who is really hiding behind that “private number” or “unknown number” that is giving you the torment. Everything happens for free (at least as regards the basic use of the service) and in a very simple way.

Once you have registered on the Whooming website , in fact, it is possible to trace the number of those who made an anonymous call simply by refusing it and waiting for identification by the service. Keep in mind, however, that to access the free-to-air number you have to subscribe to the service (which has costs starting from 12.99 euros / 3 months). There is also an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS mobile devices . If you want to know more, check out my specific tutorial on  how to discover anonymous calls .

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