How to fix mouse input lag or stuttering in Battlefield 2042

BF 2042 Mouse Input Lag – This guide will show you how to fix the mouse input lag / stutter issue on Battlefield 2042 PC.

How to fix mouse input lag or stuttering in Battlefield 2042

Games have always been prone to various bugs and glitches. Especially in ‘always online’ titles where there are a lot of updates and changes, the errors are quite regular. The same goes for Battlefield 2042. Since its launch, players have encountered many bugs and glitches. Some break the game, while others are pretty minor bugs.

On this occasion, a new bug has appeared in BF 2042 that can be considered as a “game break”. This bug causes players’ mouse to lag and stutter. As a reason, they are having a hard time targeting.

There is a huge post on the EA forums on this topic:

My mouse has a massive stutter in menus or in-game where it freezes for about a second, then about a quarter of a second, suddenly moving and going to where I was pointing. Keyboard input doesn’t have this problem and the game runs at a good, high frame rate all the time, it’s just the mouse. This has been a problem since the beta version and it has also prevented me from playing the game.

I went ahead and spoke to EA support. But they couldn’t offer a solution. They just said that they are presenting it to the development team.

However, DICE has not released any permanent fixes for this stuttering and mouse lag bug, but there are certain tweaks that gamers can make to fix it.

How to fix

There are a few adjustments you can make in the Battlefield 2042 settings menu that will reduce the severity of input or stuttering. Before that, this is what I would recommend you try:

  • Disable future frame playback and V sync
  • Go to your mouse software and reduce your polling rate to 500hz
  • Enable raw mouse input
  • Go to controller settings, set them everywhere as custom. Then go to the keybindings – UNLINK all joystick combinations [fix suggested by Steam user / To4ka177]
  • Also make sure your CPU is not at 100% usage. Battlefield 2042 already has a bug that brings CPU usage to 100%, causing stuttering

If the things given above don’t end up working for you, here’s a video from a YouTuber named Baranox . Follow your video settings and it could get the job done:

The good news is that EA is already aware of this issue and the development team is currently working on a patch. So, expect an update very soon.

If you think this guide has helped you, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have other issues with the game, try checking out our other guides on Battlefield 2042. Who knows, you might end up finding a solution.

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