How to generate a QR Code

I don’t know about you, but I find QR Codes extremely comfortable. What do you mean what I’m talking about? Don’t know what QR Codes are? Oh well, I understand, now I’ll explain it to you. These are those particular square symbols that you find on Internet sites and newspapers that, when photographed with the mobile phone camera, allow you to access additional websites, information and online videos. It’s all clearer now, right? So what do you say if we create some custom ones?

In fact, you must know that there are several services on the network that, in a simple and at the same time fast way, allow you to generate a QR Code . The QR codes obtained in this way can be customized in all respects (or almost) and used both for fun and / or purely personal purposes and for more, like to say, professional reasons. Apart from online services, there are also some smartphone apps capable of generating QR codes as well as scanning them. In all cases, these are free tools and very simple to use, you have my word.

Then? what are you doing still standing there? Take a few moments of free time all to yourself, make yourself comfortable and immediately start focusing on reading my article dedicated to the creation of QR codes. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that in case of need you will also be ready to provide all the details of the case to your friends eager to receive similar tips. Happy reading and… have fun!


  • How to generate a free QR code
    • The QR Code Generator (Windows / macOS / Linux)
    • QR Stuff (Online)
    • QR code generator (Android)
    • Qrafter (iOS / iPadOS)
  • How to generate a QR code: Green Pass
  • How to generate a QR code: Hype
  • How to generate a QR code: Revenue Agency

How to generate a free QR code

There are so many programs and apps to generate a free QR code , each with its own characteristics: below I list the solutions that, in my opinion, represent a good compromise between functionality and ease of use.

The QR Code Generator (Windows / macOS / Linux)

The QR Code Generator is not really a desktop program, but an application that can be installed directly in the Google Chrome browser . One of the most interesting features of this free solution, in addition to compatibility with all platforms supported by Google Chrome, is that it can also be used offline, in the absence of an Internet connection.

In order to use The QR Code Generator, the Google Chrome browser must be installed on the computer; if you haven’t done so yet and you need a hand in doing so, you can take a look at my guide on how to install Chrome , in which I have given you all the necessary information.

In any case, once the Google browser is open, use it to access this page of the Chrome Web Store and install the application by first clicking on the Add button and then on Add App . If everything went well, at the end of the app installation, the Chrome application drawer should open.

If this does not happen, click on the Apps button (the one identified by the colored grid icon ) located to the left of the Favorites Bar, or type the address chrome://appsin the browser navigation bar and enter .

In any case, once you reach the section dedicated to Chrome apps, click on the icon of the one you downloaded a little while ago and use the tabs at the top to select the type of QR Code you are about to create: Free Text, URL, Contact, Phone, SMS and so on.

Once you have selected the type of image to create, fill in the text fields that are proposed to you (they vary according to the choice made previously) with the required information; to define the size and margins of the code, click on the button () visible at the top right, in order to make the appropriate menu visible.

To save the generated QR Code, click on the Save button located at the top right, select the file format you prefer among those supported ( PNG , SVG or EPS ) and press the Save button again , in order to start downloading the image .

If you wish, you can also generate a dynamic QR Code, whose information can be “updated” from time to time, without recreating the image from scratch: to do so, click on Convert to dynamic and log in to your account Google by pressing the appropriate button.

If you don’t have Chrome or in any case you want to avoid installing applications, you can use the service from the web (giving up the offline features) by connecting to this page .

QR Stuff (Online)

If you can’t (or don’t want to) install anything in your browser or on your computer, you can rely on an online service designed specifically for creating QR codes, such as QR Stuff . It allows you to create QR codes containing simple texts, personal information, passwords for Wi-Fi networks and much more for free.

Basically, QR Stuff is a free online service that does not require any registration, but there is a paid version (with prices starting at $ 7.50 / month) that allows you to unlock additional features, including the creation of QR codes. dynamic, whose content can be updated without having to generate a new image.

To use QR Stuff, connect to its home page and use the Data Type box to select the type of content you prefer: Website URL for a website address; Plain Text for free text; Business Card for a contact card and so on.

Subsequently, fill out the form in the Content box with the information to be included in the code and use the Style section to define the graphic options of the image. When you are finished, click on the Download QR code button , select the item No, thanks to avoid registering for the service and wait for the QR Code created, in PNG format, to be downloaded to your computer.

QR code generator (Android)

If you have a smartphone or tablet animated by the Android operating system , you can easily generate a QR code using an application designed for the purpose. Among the many available on the Play Store and on the alternative markets for Android, I would like to recommend you QR Code Generator , a free app (with the possibility of unlocking additional features upon in-app purchase) that allows you to generate a QR Code within few minutes.

To get it, open the reference store on your device, search for the app using the appropriate function and, when you have found it, press the Install button next to it to download it to your computer. When the download is complete, tap the Open button to start it.

The main screen of the app allows you to customize the appearance and content of the QR code in a very simple way: by pressing on the QR code symbol located at the top left, you can choose the “frame” to assign to the code; the palette- shaped button , on the other hand, allows you to customize the color.

If you want to assign a logo to the QR code, press the smile button instead ; to define, instead, the type of content to be inserted, tap the central button , the largest one, representing the current selection (for example, if you have chosen to insert free text, you will see the Tt icon ).

When you are done, you can create the QR Code by pressing the ► button located at the top; to save the image thus created, touch the floppy disk symbol (at the top) and press the Allow button , to authorize the app to access the device memory. If you prefer, you can share the QR code on social networks, via email, chat or any other app installed on the device, by tapping on the share symbol , located at the top right.

Qrafter (iOS / iPadOS)

If you use an iPhone or an iPad , you can contact Qrafter , a free app that can both read existing QR codes and generate new customized graphics and content. The application is free and occasionally presents advertising banners, which can be deleted after purchasing the Pro version in-app.

To get it, open the App Store, search for the app using the appropriate function and, when you have found it, press the Get / Install button to start the download; when prompted, confirm your willingness to proceed by authenticating with Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password .

Once you have the application, open it and tap on the Create tab , located at the bottom; now, select the type of QR code to generate by tapping on the most suitable item (eg URL ) and enter the required information in the appropriate fields (they vary according to the choice made previously).

When you are done, tap on the Preview item to preview the information entered and press the Create button to generate the image. If you wish, you can change the style of the QR code by selecting it from those proposed below; to change the colors, tap on the symbol of the palette resident at the bottom; to define, instead, dimensions and margins, click on the gear icon .

When finished, tap the share symbol and choose whether to save the image in the roll , send it by email , upload it to the cloud , print it or share it in other applications , using the system sharing menu. Easy, right?

How to generate a QR code: Green Pass

Do you need to generate the QR Code relating to the Green Pass to certify the completion of the vaccination cycle, the healing or the outcome of a negative swab regarding the COVID-19 disease? In that case, you need to know that the code is obtainable in different ways, depending on the tools at your disposal.

For example, if you use the IO app , you can obtain the QR Code relating to the Green Pass in a completely automatic way, as it is associated with the digital identity with which you usually log in ( SPID , CIE or CNS ) .

The Immuni app also allows you to quickly obtain the QR Code relating to the Green Pass: in this case, it is necessary to specify the number of your health card , together with the specific code linked to the event following which the green certification is obtained ( AUTHCODE for the vaccine, CUN for the molecular swab, NRFE for the antigenic swab and NUCG in case of recovery), usually delivered via SMS / email or printed on the document issued by the relevant health authority.

If you prefer, you can also obtain the QR code relating to the Green Pass by downloading it from the DGC website or from the regional Electronic Health Record , after authentication via health card + event code, SPID, CNS or CIE. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, I refer you to reading my guide on how to download the Green Pass , in which I have explained everything to you in depth.

How to generate a QR code: Hype

Are you the owner of a and, recently, you have discovered that you can simplify the cash recharge operation simply by showing the appropriate QR Code to the operator who will carry out the operation, but you just don’t know how to generate it?

Don’t worry, it’s that easy. First, open the HYPE app and, if necessary, log in using your personal credentials; then, tap the (+) button visible on the main screen, tap the Cash item and choose whether to top up in a supermarket or in a SisalPay | 5 point .

Once this is done, type in the amount to top up (the minimum is € 20) and press the Proceed button , in order to generate the barcode / QR code to be shown to the operator. In order for the top-up to be successful, remember to also bring your health card with you to read the tax code and a valid identity document . More info here .

How to generate a QR code: Revenue Agency

To generate the QR code containing the data relating to your VAT number through the website of the Revenue Agency , you must be in possession of one of the digital means that allow you to access the aforementioned portal: SPID identity relating to the VAT number, credentials Entratel / Fisconline or SISTER provided by the Revenue Agency itself or Smart Card connected to the digital certificate of the VAT number.

If you have this information, you can quickly obtain your QR code in the following way: first, connected to the home page of the AdE portal , click on the Reserved Area buttons and Access the new reserved area (if necessary) and then on the card dedicated to the access method you prefer ( SPID or credentials ).

Now, fill in the following form with the required information (username, password and disposable OTP identity SPID or Fisconline / SISTER credentials), click on the buttons Login and consent and, if necessary, served in the drop-down menu at the next page, to choose the tax code relating to the business user for which you intend to download the QR code.

Once this is done, click on the Services tab located at the top, expand the Consultations and Search item and click on the words Tax drawer , which appears immediately below. Finally, click on the Personal Tax Drawer button , then on the Personal Data item (on the left) and scroll down the next page, until you find the download links for the QR Code relating to the VAT number in PDF or GIF format. To download the QR code, click on the link for the format you prefer and that’s it.

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