How To Get Biker Club in GTA Online

We teach you all about Biker Club Venues in GTA Online. Find out what the ranks and skills of a gang are, the best illegal businesses in which to invest money and much more.


  1. How to get a Biker Club Headquarters?
  2. Ranks of a biker club and skills: How to become the president?
  3. Types of biker club businesses
  4. Product sale and profits
  5. Biker Club Jobs, Challenges, and Contracts

The Headquarters of the motorcycle club in GTA Online is a type of business that was added to the title by updating the bikers of 2016 and can actually be quite lucrative and fun if we like to play with friends in multiplayer.

Next in this post we will explain how to become the president of your own motorcycle club, invite other members and friends to join it and which illicit businesses are the most beneficial to manage, among other useful tips.


How to get a Biker Club Headquarters?

The first step if we want to become true bikers with our own gang in GTA Online is to acquire a Biker Club Headquarters property . These properties can be purchased from the web on the Internet on our mobile, entering “Money and services” and through the Maze Bank Foreclosures page .

  • The price of biker clubs: theyrange from $ 200,000 to $ 495,000.
  • The cheapest location is:Great Chaparral Clubhouse, which is located at 101 Route 68.

All biker venues have a garage to store up to 10 motorcycles and the option to pay additional money to install some extensions. In reality there is no difference between one or the other venues except for the location of the same (the most expensive being those located in the city of Los Santos). So for starters, if you want to save some dough, you can buy the cheapest one .

Biker Club Ranks and Skills: How to Become the President?

Any biker club can have a maximum of 8 members or players. The player who is the owner of the motorcycle club will become the club president in his own right through the Interaction menu. As is logical, the president has more benefits than the others and is the one who can manage and designate the different roles among the members.

These are the ranks of a biker club , from lowest to highest privilege, and their characteristics:

  • Recruit:All players start at this rank by joining a Biker Club. It does not include any special abilities.
  • Thug –can request heavy armor for all club members and send assassins towards a rival player.
  • Sergeant at Arms – Youcan request ammo and drop Molotov Cocktails for club members.
  • Route Captain: Youcan change the training style of the club, request vehicles like the Slamvan, Buzzard (without weapons) and some motorcycles.
  • Vice President:Can drop Testosterone Bullshark for all members and target one player as a rival.

The president player can also organize special activities or invite other players from the Interaction menu to join his motorcycle club. Member members don’t have a floor, but they can earn money by doing jobs and challenges together.

Types of biker club businesses

Through a Biker Club Headquarters, a Biker Gang, and specifically, a President can invest money to open various illegal businesses . This is done from The Open Road computer .

When buying one of these businesses, you always have to first perform a fairly simple setup mission of stealing a vehicle with supplies. In this way, the business begins to spend supplies to generate a product that can later be sold (be careful, because each open business has a daily rent of $ 3,000 ).

The supply bar is made up of 5 segments or units . When this bar is low, it is possible to start a resupply mission to steal supplies or buy supplies at a cost of $ 15,000 for each segment.

In total there are 5 businesses for the biker club and you can purchase one of each type . They are as follows, ordered from cheapest to most expensive:

Fake documents office

  • The cheapest is:Grapeseed, for $ 650,000 (in Sandy Shores).
  • The most expensive is:Textile City, for $ 1,235,000 (in Los Santos).

Counterfeit money factory

  • The most expensive is:that of Desierto de Gran Señora, for $ 845,000 (in Sandy Shores).
  • The cheapest is:Canales de Vespucci, for $ 1,605,500 (in Los Santos).

Grass farm

  • The most expensive is:Cordillera San Chianski, for $ 715,000 (in Sandy Shores).
  • The cheapest is:the one in Downtown Vinewood, for $ 1,358,500 (in Los Santos).

Methamphetamine Laboratory

  • The cheapest is:the one in Desierto de Gran Señora, for $ 910,000 (in Sandy Shores).
  • The most expensive is:El Burro Heights, for $ 1,729,000 (in Los Santos).

Cocaine Warehouse

  • The cheapest is:Alamo Sea, for $ 975,000 (in Sandy Shores).
  • The most expensive is:Morningwood, for $ 1,852,500 (in Los Santos).

Product sale and profit

Once you have generated enough product in any of your biker club businesses, you can move on to selling it to earn money . To get the best possible benefit, it is recommended to wait until you have the complete product bar (and have purchased the available improvements from each business).

Of course, it is also advisable to carry out the sales with the help of members of the band. The sales missions give us 30 minutes to complete them and consist of distributing the merchandise in different places with different vehicles.

The sale of the product can be done in two different areas ; in Blaine County, or in Los Santos. Keep in mind that you will receive a 50% profit bonus if you sell the product outside the area where your business is located.

Here below we show you the profits of each type of biker business that you can earn if you sell when you have the full product bar (having all the improvements):

  • False Document Office: Youearn $ 84,000 (local sale) or $ 126,000 (foreign sale). The product is completed in about 3 hours.
  • Grass Farm: Youearn $ 168,000 (local sale) or $ 252,000 (foreign sale). The product is completed in about 5 hours.
  • Counterfeit Money Factory – Youearn $ 196,000 (local sale) or $ 294,000 (foreign sale). The product is completed in about 5 hours.
  • Methamphetamine Lab: Youearn $ 238,000 (local sale) or $ 375,000 (foreign sale). The product is completed in about 6 hours.
  • Cocaine Warehouse: youearn $ 280,000 (local sale) or $ 420,000 (foreign sale). The product is completed in about 5 hours.

Also remember that you get a 1% bonus for each player who is in the public session and who is not part of your club.

Biker Club Jobs, Challenges, and Contracts

Finally, it should be noted that in the Biker Club there are also special jobs, challenges and contracts available . Below we show you all of them along with their rewards in the form of GTA $.

Club jobs

These types of missions can only be activated by the club president member from the Interaction menu. These jobs are used to generate profits for all members of the club and are as follows:

  • Deathmatch:Invite a rival Club or a rival Organization to a Deathmatch. The reward is $ 20,000 for the winning band.
  • Fair:Invite a rival Club to a Deathmatch on motorcycles. The reward is $ 20,000 for the winning band.
  • Defend Your Position:Club members will have to defend a designated area around Los Santos from other players for a time limit. The reward is $ 30,000.
  • Caged:Club members can participate in a small version of the “Cornered” Free Roam Event, but with motorcycles. The reward is $ 15,000 for the winner.

Club Challenges

Club Challenges allow you to generate profits for your club. Some can be activated by the president and other gang members based on their rank. They serve to compete among the band itself and are the following:

  • Search and destroy: youhave to search for targets in an area, using mobile images, and kill them. $ 27,000 reward for the winner.
  • Criminal Vandalism –Hit running vehicles to win. $ 34,500 reward.
  • Rider on horseback:perform the longest wheelie on a motorcycle. $ 12,000 reward.
  • Hit and Run:Shoot or hit (this gives a bonus) enemy NPCs riding the bike. Reward of up to $ 35,000.
  • Race to Destination –Run to the destination set by the Captain. $ 10,000 reward.
  • On the Run:You must survive a 5-star search level, but on the bike. $ 48,000 reward if only one survivor remains.
  • Rushing:cause the most damage while riding the bike. $ 37,000 reward.

Club contracts

Club contracts allow the club to generate profits. They are activated on the board of meetings of the headquarters by the president and can be the following:

  • Chosen method:Club members will be ordered to kill certain targets with specific weapons. $ 18,500 reward.
  • On Fire –Club members are hired to destroy important gang crates or other enemies. $ 16,500 reward.
  • Gun Sale –Club members will ambush a gun sale between two gangs. $ 19,000 reward.
  • Prisoner of War –Club members must rescue and free a prisoner from a motorcycle gang or the LSPD. $ 23,000 reward.
  • Hitman for Hire:Club members must escort two allied vehicles to a location on the map. $ 32,500 reward.
  • To the weight:the club will attack an enemy gang and steal their merchandise. $ 26,000 reward.
  • Possession is what matters –the club will steal a minimum of 2 motorcycles from an enemy motorcycle club. $ 17,000 reward.
  • Opening:The club will raid an enemy base, steal the money from its safe and deliver it to a specific location. $ 7,000 reward per bag.
  • Escape:Club members will rob a police bus on its way to Bolingbroke, and defend the prisoners. $ 22,500 reward.
  • Fragile Items –Club members must destroy 4 Slamvans from The Lost MC around the map. $ 14,000 reward.
  • Protector:4 important contacts around the map need to reach a specific location. $ 20,000 reward.

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