How to Get ROBUX for Free

ROBLOX has quickly become one of the sensations in the world of video games. This ability to create different communities around worlds full of creativity easily offers many hours of entertainment. The avatar, that element that identifies us within the game , can be customized and although there are thousands of very interesting free models and clothes . Most are paid and to get them the player must spend Robux.

⭐ What are ROBUX?

Robux (R $) is the official currency within the Roblox world and a few years ago it coexisted with another currency called Tickets. The player can use this virtual currency within the ROBLOX platform, either by buying or selling. However, there are other legal places in the game to get this currency.

Most ROBLOX players want to know how to get ROBUX Free. Below we will explain ALL the LEGAL ways to GET IT.

⭐ How to have ROBUX Free Infinites?

Our advice is that you avoid these types of pages that promise the acquisition of infinite Robux for Roblox. They are usually malicious websites that seek to make money at the expense of people’s good faith.

⭐ How to Get 100% Real Free ROBUX

And if you realize it, it is surely why you have come here. At Mundoblox we will provide you with the most complete guide on how to get free Robux legally.

⚡ How to Get Free ROBUX on Android?

There are several applications that by following any of the instructions that tell us how to see advertising, consult some pages or try some applications will reward us with gems or points that you can later spend on Robux for Roblox.


⚠️ We would like to warn you that you may find web pages that promise to get free Robux thanks to an automatic Robux generator. You should know that these websites only seek to attract attention without making any profit. Do not give your personal data on this type of website! ⚠️

⭐ What are ROBUXs for?

Robux have different functions within the game, below we will do a brief review so that you know the most frequent ones:

⚡ Buy Access to Premium Account Games

In Roblox there are certain games that are not free. These usually charge for their access an amount of Robux that can range between 25 Robux and in some very extreme cases 1000 Robux. Of course, the quality of the game often justifies the purchase. Remember that many developers make a living selling their games on Robux and this is how the world of Roblox expands and maintains itself.

⚡ Buy «Games Passes» within a Game

Some games, as mentioned above, require an additional cost to be played. Additionally, players can purchase clothing or special abilities that are unique to that game and require Robux to do so. Prices usually vary depending on the type of game and the price that the developer decides. But, if you think that something costs a lot, don’t buy it, you have millions of free options to choose from.

⚡ Buy Objects and Accessories for your Collection

Roblox has endless accessories for your avatar. So much so that there are complete galleries where people take photos to upload the new acquisition and improve the «look» . Within these accessories are clothing, caps, glasses, wings and many more.

One of the advantages of these objects is that they can be resold and the price can go up because they can become highly sought after. If you get your purchases right, you can even earn money.

⚡ Redeem Robux for Real Money

The platform has a payment system which rewards you when you reach 100,000 Robux (the equivalent of about 375 euros) . That is, if you do things well and know how to work hard, you can have a little extra inside Robux.

⭐ Discover Other Ways to Earn Free ROBUX Fast and Easy

As you have seen before, the importance of Robux is crucial to be able to move forward and access better content. Therefore, at Mundoblox we want to show you some of the legal ways that the game allows to earn those extra Robux.

⚡ Get ROBUX by selling items on ROBLOX

The first way is to create objects and accessories so that the community can buy them. To do this, you must first pay the subscription fee to Robux Premium and thus start creating your own clothes within the game. Earn in-game reputation with your designs and the community will be at your feet!


⚡ Earn ROBUX by selling Game Access in a Game

Yes, you read it right. If you are a creative person and want to start making your own video games, you should know that you can put these games on sale so that the community pays for their access. However, not everyone will want to pay right off the bat. For them we give you some tips that can come in handy:

  1. Play a lot and ask yourself why one game is fun and others are not.
  2. Write down everything that stands out about that game that you like to play so much.
  3. Create a game with simple mechanics (catch catch, hide, jump rope …)
  4. Leave the game free for the community and learn from people’s reactions
  5. When you already have a large following and you have improved your quality, you will be ready to start charging a “Game Access”.

We remind you that Roblox will give you 10% of the benefits if you are not part of its Premium program. If you are part of this subscription, Roblox will reward you with 70% of the purchase profit.

⚡ Earn ROBUX by selling Game Passes

As if that were not enough, Robux allows you to sell some improvements, skills or superior benefits for the player in some specific games. These “Game Passes” will give you a very important advantage in some games. If you have already created a game, you can start creating “Game Passes” for it. Remember that Roblox will apply the same profit earning rule depending on whether you are a Premium user or not.

⚡ Get ROBUX thanks to PromoCodes

In the game there is the possibility of putting some promotional codes that reward you with free Robux. PromoCodes are a combination of numbers and letters that Robux gives you from time to time. In order not to miss any opportunity, we recommend that you follow the official Roblox account on Twitter and that it sometimes warns about contests or related news. If you want to know more about this Robux obtaining system, all the guides to the best ROBLOX games that we have available for you.

⭐ The Best Applications to Win ROBUX Free

There are other ways to get free Robux. Although you will have to work to get very small amounts of this precious coin.

There are some mobile phone apps that reward you for spending hours doing certain routines. And even if you think that it is something very stimulating, the reality is that soon you will understand that it is not worth it.

However, if you are interested in this system, we present a list of what we consider the most reliable and above all legal options to earn Robux for free through an Android mobile.

⚡ Earn ROBUX through Google Opinion Rewards

Filling out surveys on many occasions is a boring practice. However, if the reward is 50 Robux, things change. There is only one problem and that is that Google takes a long time to reload the survey system and you may be waiting for a long time. The money earned by Google is given to you to spend on Google Play and then you can buy Robux with that money.

Google Opinion Rewards Robux

⚡ Win ROBUX Free with Cash For Apps

The Cash For Apps application is one of the best to earn free Robux. The system is simple, you download the application, register, and she pays you to test certain applications. Every time you do this, Cash For Apps gives you points that you can later exchange for a real money card. When you have accumulated about 3000 points you will be able to enjoy approximately 1000 robux.

Cash for Apps Robux

⚡ Get ROBUX the Easy way with AppKarma

Another way to get free Robux thanks to the use of smartphone applications is the App Karma application. In it you will need to exchange 9500 Karma points to get a Rixty Card (as in Cash For Apps). Once you redeem this card you will enjoy 1000 Robux to be able to spend within Roblox.

In this application you must answer surveys and earn Karma points. Test applications and some other functions of the same style as the previous application. You can also send a link of the application to all your friends and if they register they will reward you with 300 Karma points.

So, as we told you before, it is a very tedious and repetitive process.

appKarma Robux

⚡ Get Fast ROBUX with Free Robux Loto

A very fast and effective way to get more free Robux is by downloading the Free Robux Loto App from the Play Store. If you are looking for a fast and effective way to have Robux in your ROBLOX account, do not hesitate this is one of the best options.

No passwords, no exaggerated reload times. Free Robux Loto is a fun app that offers us a good amount of Robux in a very short time. To do this, you only have to download it for your Android, unfortunately there is still no iOS version.

⭐ The Best Games to Win Robux Free

Are you one of those who enjoy trying games? What if we tell you that you can win Free Robux after playing for a while from your mobile? Below you will find the best games to have Robux Free.

⚡ Get Free Robux with Free Robux Loto

This application offers us the possibility of winning free Robux playing casino-style minigames. Inside you can get great rewards while you play:

Free Robux Loto Mini Games

  • Surprise Chest
  • Spin or Slot Machine
  • Lottery
  • Memory

In order to start earning a good amount of Free Robux you just have to start playing each of these games and accumulate credits. These can then be changed within the same application by ROBLOX Robux.

Keep in mind that Free Robux Loto is a free application in which you will earn Robux while you entertain yourself. Of course, being free, it contains published although it is not usually annoying to be able to use the application.

Free Robux Loto 2020

⚡ Download Free Robux Scooter Ride and Win Free Robux

This game is perhaps the most fun way to earn Robux while playing. The player must take a scooter through the city avoiding different obstacles. You will be very careful not to collide or be run over while performing tricks and tricks.

As you achieve your goals, the game rewards you with diamonds that can be exchanged for Free Robux. You just have to keep in mind that every 100 Diamonds will give you a Robux. With this mode you will not only get Robux quickly but you will also have a great time playing Scooter Ride. And if you wonder if it costs a lot to get diamonds, it will only depend on your skill but every hour you play you will be able to win approximately 4500 diamonds (45 Robux).

Download Free Robux Scooter Ride APK

⚡ Enjoy Free Robux Merge and Drift

Another game that you are going to love is Free Robux Merge and Drift. From the same developers as the previous one, this game is about driving a car and overcoming all the challenges that come your way. The rewards mechanic is very similar to the previous one.

You only have to play to win diamonds that you will then have to exchange for Robux. It has no more secret, download Free Robux Merge and Drift on your Android and start earning Free Robux.

Download Free Robux Merge and Drift APK

⚡ JetPack Chicken, the best App to Earn Robux

If you are lovers of games where the character carries a Jetpack, what better than a hen that carries a Jetpack? Well, we recommend that you try the Jetpack Chicken – Free Robux for Rbx platform app.

This hilarious game for Android will have you hooked for hours. In addition, when you finish with the battery of the mobile you will have earned a good amount of Robux that you can invest directly in your ROBLOX platform.

Install Jetpack Chicken for ROBLOX

⚡ Win Free Robux playing with Strong Granny 2

Have you always thought that your grandmother is an SUV? Well, when you play Strong Granny 2 remember it because you will not be able to help but laugh thinking that your sweet granny is the protagonist of this video game.

In Strong Granny 2 you must destroy everything that crosses your path. Earn coins that you can then transfer to your ROBLOX platform.

Download Strong Granny 2 APK

Download MOD Strong Granny 2 APK

⚡ Get Free Robux with Free Robux Master

If you like Trivial style games, Free Robux Master is the perfect application for you. Answer the 10 questions that are thrown at us from a questionnaire to collect coins and be able to get those Extra Robux that we want so much.

In addition, Free Robux Master has no completion limit , once you have managed to overcome the challenge of answering the 10 questions correctly, you can repeat (until the app is updated) the process as many times as you wish.


⚠️ Some questions may be in English, so we recommend having a good level or playing with the translator at hand. ⚠️

Play Free Robux Master

An app that is having a lot of success among users is Robux Spin 2020. If you are a lover of games like Roulette of Fortune, you are in luck since it is exactly what you will find with this app. Its more than 10 thousand downloads make it worthy of a safe choice for ROBLOX users who want to get those Robux that they are looking for so much.

The gameplay is quite simple , you only have to make spins until chance rewards you with prizes so that you can redeem them within the ROBLOX platform. For this to work you must rate the app with 5 stars (⭐) within the PlayStore and wait a couple of days for the exchange to take effect.

Play Free Robux Master

⭐ The Best Pages to Get and Earn Free Robux

At Mundoblox we want you to achieve your goal. For this we present a platform where you can win endless soul gems that you can then exchange on Google Play for Free Robux.

⚡ Enter Gamehag to Win Free Robux

At Gamehag you will receive rewards for playing a series of games on the platform. Yes! You heard right, I said play.


  • Play games
  • Play minigames
  • Write related articles
  • Upload videos to Youtube talking about GameHag
  • Complete missions
  • Participate in the forums
  • Invite friends to play
  • Level up
  • Take surveys
  • Try and download apps
  • Download the GameHag App
  • Activate email
  • Share content on Facebook

If you perform all these actions in a natural way, in a short time you will have a large number of Soul Gems that you can exchange for those long-awaited Robux.

⚡ ROCash, the Best Page to Get Free Robux

If you want to earn money quickly and safely, there is a page that for registering and watching videos on a daily basis offers you a good amount of Free ROBUX. It is a safe page that offers an interesting exchange. You give them money to watch their videos and in return they give you ROBUX so that you can invest in ROBLOX. You will find the official ROCash website at the following link.


⭐ Win Robux Through Viral Game

Do you want to earn a lot of free Robux? Remember that Roblox is a platform that has more than 100 million active users. Getting a game published and making it a very player can be a very complicated task, but if you make an effort and learn everything you need to do, you can make your hobby an exciting and attractive way of life .


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