How to Get ThopTV for iOS Easily (2024)

How to Get ThopTV for iOS Easily (2021)

How to Get ThopTV for iOS Easily (2021)

How to Get ThopTV for iOS Easily (2021)

With today’s technology, there are literally a million ways you can watch/stream movies and shows. You can watch it through a cable subscription and wait for them to air on different channels. Or, you can go at it intelligently and acquire a subscription plan to any streaming platforms today. But if you don’t have the money to spend for such luxury, you can just download ThopTV for free!

With this app, you’re free to watch every single movie, show, sports channel, news and other content right on your phone. No need to register or to pay every month to continue using it. But if you’re wondering how exactly to install this on your iOS device, we’ve saved you the trouble and listed the steps below!


ThopTV Definition and Highlights

If you’re a millennial, then you might remember the time when streaming platforms weren’t around. People just used to tune in to TV all the time and wait for the shows to air. This was a time where people would go home at the afternoon and watch their movies or the news. But today, those days are slowly vanishing thanks to the existence of streaming platforms. These platforms are making our lives even easier than it already is.

How to Get ThopTV for iOS Easily (2021)

However, they come at a monthly price that most people aren’t prepared to pay. Due to this, there are still many who can’t afford a cable subscription or a streaming subscription. Regardless, their appetite for movies and shows still can’t be ignored so they search the internet for possible alternatives. One of the best ones you can get today is ThopTV. It’s available for Android and for iOS and you can easily stream anything you want here. It doesn’t require you to pay anything at all just to stream and watch content.

How to Get ThopTV for iOS Easily (2021)

Moreover, it comes with these interesting features:

  • A lot of sports channels (cricket, football, basketball, baseball, lawn tennis, volleyball and more)
  • More than 500 Indian channels (Jio TV, Pogo TV and many more)
  • 3,000 channels worldwide
  • Movies and shows
  • HD streaming
  • Add to favorites
  • Casting support
  • Numerous categories
  • Friendly-interface
  • CS chat
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • You don’t need to pay anything

How to Install ThopTV on Iphone/iOS

ThopTV Download  for iOS doesn’t require you to do a lot of things. You just need to follow these simple steps so that you can start using it. Here are they:

How to Get ThopTV for iOS Easily (2021)
  1. Go to and download the file.
  2. Allow installation of unknown sources on your device in settings.
  3. Install the app on your iOS device.
  4. Create an account and stream for free!


You don’t need to succumb to your desires and pay ridiculous amounts to streaming platforms just to watch news and movies today. You just need to learn how to use ThopTV! Enjoy all the movies, shows and channels you can access today from the app.

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