How to increase FPS in games

Online toys, colorful 3D games, strategy and shooters – the genre is not important. The main thing is that there is enough computer power. And then the technique does not always “pull” the required parameters. Throwing away the old hardware and purchasing a new computer is very expensive. Therefore, the article contains step-by-step instructions on how to increase fps without spending a lot of time and money on components.

What is the optimal FPS

FPS (translated as “frames per second”) is the rate at which scenes are displayed on the screen.

The FPS counter is an indicator that indicates how the game will “go” on your computer. Naturally, the latest games will not start on the “calculator” with Windows 95. But if the game slows down slightly, the problem can be solved.

Let’s simulate the situation:

World of Tanks → 10 Windows → an old laptop loaded with programs.

The toy itself is difficult to load and further develop the plot. It is loaded with mods, has expanded textures. Is it possible to make it start and not slow down? Yes, it is quite.

It is necessary to make the project stable and the picture smooth. For this:

  • free space on the computer;
  • it is being cleaned – both physical and virtual;
  • the video card is optimized and configured.

60 FPS or so is considered comfortable for the game. A number floating on +/– 5 has practically no effect. But if it is lower, the textures will lag and freeze. 

The work of the game is stabilized in several ways, which we will discuss below.

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Optimization and tuning of the video card

First you need to find out who made the video card on your computer. After all, the video card is responsible for the number of FPS – its volume, power, manufacturer.

The most popular are AMD and Nvidia. Each of them has its own way of customizing and optimizing graphic elements. Also important is the specificity of the software, various components, elements present in the device.

You can find out the manufacturer of the video card in one of the ways presented in the table:

Body sticker If a laptop or computer was bought 5 years ago, the colored inscription will be on the stickers
CPU-Z program It only works in the English version, but the interface is intuitive. In the menu, find the Graphics item and go to the Name sub-item. Downloading the manufacturer site
Pressing the Win + R keys (only for devices running on Windows software , for Apple – not suitable) ·                                 A field opens. The text msinfo32.exe is entered or copied into it.

·                                 Then go to “System Information” → “Components”.

·                                 After – Display ( Screen ) → Name.

Device Manager Open through the control panel (the location menu depends on the version of Windows) or in the root folder.
·                                 For figure eight: right button on the field next to Start) → Settings → Information → Task Manager → Display Adapters.
·                                 For a dozen: Right click on Start -> Task Manager -> More -> Services tab.
AIDA This is a paid program. But it can be very useful in the future due to its functionality (it determines the parameters of the computer, optimizes the video card, cleans the device). You can also download pirated versions from trackers

For Nvidia

You can optimize and reconfigure this type of video card to optimize FPS as follows:

  1. Right-click on the desktop.
  2. Select the “Nvidia Control Panel” submenu.
  3. Open “3D Parameter Control”.
  4. Turn off triple buffering by sliding the swipe to the left.
  5. Set the “highest performance” parameter, which is located in the “texture filtering” tab.
  6. Find the line “scalable textures”. In it, select the item “No” and turn off anti-aliasing, restriction of extensions.
  7. Activate negative UD evasion and texture filtering.
  8. Disable Anisotropic Filtering, Trilinear Optimization, and V-Sync.

You no longer need to click on any items. Otherwise, the video card can be rendered unusable. And the situation can be corrected only by contacting a service center or a replacement.

Note: Sometimes “texture filtering” is called “Anisotropic optimization”, and V-Sync is called vertical sync. 

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Optimization is performed in almost the same way as in the previous version of the video card. But there are a few differences. For example:

  • From the desktop (right-click), they enter not the video card menu, but the Catalyst Control Center. There is also access in the control panel.
  • Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing are minimized.
  • You need to turn off artificial intelligence.
  • And remove to a minimum adaptive anti-aliasing along with detail and vertical scanning.
  • Open the “OpenGL Settings” tab and turn off the settings.

These are all actions in order to increase the FPS using a video card. If it does not help, you need to configure the software.

TurboBoost for Intel

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology will improve the performance of the processor, graphics, smooth out peak loads. It works automatically. With its help, you can increase the work of the processor by stimulating the cores. But only if the power, energy consumption and heating temperature do not exceed the maximum settings. The correctness of the technology depends on the load on it, as well as the operating environment.

If you download version 2.0, you can significantly improve the system. It offers maximum frequency and maximum acceleration mode. The operation of the program depends on software and hardware, configurations and system settings.

Factors affecting the operation of the program:

Factor How to determine
Workload type Looks in the task manager (background, running programs)
Number of active cores Written in the passport of the device, in its description on the network or in the computer settings
Estimation of current consumption Depends on the quality of the charger (original / non-original), battery performance
Power consumption estimation There are special online calculators to determine the value (enter a search term in Google, and many sites will open)
CPU temperature If the work takes place in Windows OS, the temperature is recognized in the BIOS or using special programs (SpeedFan, AIDA64, CAM, Speccy). For a low load, the optimum value is 30-50 ° C, for a high load, up to 95 ° C. Maximum critical temperature – 100 ° C

If the work takes place in Windows OS, the temperature is recognized in the BIOS or using special programs (SpeedFan, AIDA64, CAM, Speccy). For a low load, the optimum value is 30-50 ° C, for a high load, up to 95 ° C. Maximum critical temperature – 100 ° C

If the indicators are too high or, conversely, very low, the system may not work correctly. And this applies not only to the increase in FPS, but also to other factors. For example, at maximum workload, the OS looks for additional resources. Intel Turbo Boost automatically (in the background) dynamically increases the processor frequency until it reaches the highest possible speed.

The same applies to the management of current consumption, temperature and power. The program uses several algorithms in parallel, creating maximum power efficiency and clock speed. If the power exceeds the limit, the computer can work, keeping the original parameters, but for a short time.

Optimizing game graphics settings

In order for the game to work stably, it is necessary to optimize the graphics settings. If you “wander” through the forums, you can find many complaints about the inhibition of the game and advice on how to adjust the picture.

Optimization is used to improve graphics. That is, the user adjusts the game “for himself” to achieve the optimal result. The indicator of correct optimization is a clear picture that works at the same frame rate on all configurations (even on low-performance ones).

  1. Going into the settings of any game, you can see several optimization options. For example, screen resolution. By changing this value, the user also changes the number of displayed pixels.
  2. Next up is anti-aliasing. It all depends on the type of game. Some work with screen space (FXAA), others with a ready-made image. You can also enable temporary smoothing or constant, oversampling, a combination of these methods. In general, here you have to experiment.
  3. Lighting and shadows can also be changed by affecting the FPS. If the game is with a 3D effect, the modern image quality is achieved precisely thanks to these concepts and a huge loss in performance. In terms of lighting, it is almost always justified. Shadows are based on two sources – diffuse and direct shadowing. You can remove both the one and the other parameter. But nevertheless, these concepts have a minimal effect on performance (it is better to take dynamics).

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Defragment your hard drive

No matter how trite it may sound, updating the drivers to the current version can solve a lot of problems. This includes improving the performance of your computer. Fresh settings contain files that improve the interaction of the PC hardware with the game.

Follow the instructions below to update your drivers.

  1. Open the control panel → Select “Device Manager” → Go to the “Video adapters” tab.
  2. Opposite all the items in this tab, right-click and select “Update driver”. Next, your PC will automatically search for new drivers and install them.
  3. Then you should restart your computer and check if the FPS counter in the game rises.

System cleaning

If a laptop or computer starts to lag where it used to work normally, this method should help. FPS can start squatting even at optimized settings. This means that there is a lot of garbage in the system. There are several shareware programs out there that are great for cleaning. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the user will have to choose on their own, and the advice of outsiders will not help here.

This is a whole set of tools that allow you to clean your computer. It analyzes disks, browsers, downloaded files.

  • Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​10

A set of measures to clean the system and increase its performance. The program will have to be customized “for yourself”, choosing the necessary actions and unchecking unnecessary ones. Initially, the system is tested, then it is optimized.

Uninstaller to remove unused programs. The free version is heavily stripped down. But for superficial cleaning it is enough.

  • Windows standard tools

They can only clear visible “debris”. But the various residual “tails” after its removal cannot be removed.

If the system is not cleaned, the computer will spend more time and effort processing information. It will monitor not only running programs, but also broken links, non-existent files, incorrect registry. The presence of such unnecessary utilities can reach a critical point, and the computer will simply refuse to work. By the way, some people prefer not to clean the system, but immediately rearrange it.

To understand whether a lot of broken programs have really accumulated in Windows, you can independently diagnose the system. The user does not see them visually, but they take a large layer of system memory already at boot.

The steps below will help you determine which utilities are running in the background, interfering with the loading of the game.

  1. The Auslogics BoostSpeedis the item “Additional software” and startup manager;
  2. The Revo Uninstalleropen Tools and startup manager;
  3. In Windows tools, it iscalled with the Win + R key combination. In the search box, enter the msconfig command and select Startup.

Unnecessary programs are unchecked. Surely, the list will include uTorrent, Skype, Viber, Telegram. If Daemon Tools, Dropbox and others like them are downloaded to the computer, their automatic download is closed exclusively in their settings.

Also, records may open, the title of which will contain toolbar and update. They are also removed from automatic download. Java Update Scheduler constantly uses the Internet connection, checking for a new version and downloading it. This process is very heavy on the system. It is necessary to remove such programs as much as possible. But you should be careful not to disable the antivirus or video card driver.

Antivirus check

If your computer has viruses, it will slow down not only in games. Therefore, before increasing the FPS, it is worth checking the antivirus program . For testing protection, you can download a few simple programs. Almost all of them offer downloads of applications that contain malware. It is, of course, safe, and just mimics a virus, but does not give the full picture.

  1. Stackhackr: the user creates his own version of the virus for testing.
  2. RanSim: tests the system for protection against malicious ransomware attacks;
  3. Microsoft tools are a whole collection of programs that are suitable only for Windows Defender and are publicly available on the official website;
  4. Test Your Metal tests the security of the Internet.

Some programs have a test limitation. The correctness of the tests and the correctness of the simulation cannot be verified. Therefore, it is best to use software from several sources.

Physical cleaning of the PC + overheating

From overheating of the system unit, the FPS may partially fall. The computer heats up for various reasons, and the main one is ordinary dust. It clogs the fan, the direct responsibility of which is to condition the “insides” of the equipment.

Air circulation is disrupted, and the processor, video card, hard disk cannot work normally. The system freezes and may even shut down completely. Only physical cleaning will help in solving this problem.

You need to take:

  • brushes;
  • thermal paste in a syringe or tube;
  • small curly screwdriver;
  • a cloth or sponge;
  • special cleaning agent.

Optimal is to purchase special cleaning kits. For example, “Colorway”. His set includes a microfiber cloth for a screen, two types of liquids – for a display and for internal cleaning, a brush with replaceable nozzles, a sponge. Thermal grease and screwdriver need to be purchased separately.

Computers are disassembled in different ways. There are guides on the internet for laptops. Therefore, it is necessary not to be lazy and find a description for a specific model. So that it does not happen that extra parts remain during the final assembly. After all, even one small bolt “holds the Universe”: it can fix the necessary spare part. For example, loops or a video card.

The computer is disassembled, every detail is carefully wiped, thermal paste is applied to the board. Particular attention is paid to the fan. A lot of dust accumulates in it, which rolls into lumps. You can even purge this part. Ideally, cleaning is carried out every six months, even if the computer does not slow down.

By the way, dried thermal paste also causes overheating. And, even if air circulates through the system unhindered, the computer can get very hot. Replacing thermal paste is a very difficult task, especially if the user has no experience. Again, you need to look at various guides for a specific model and brand of computer or contact a service center (the service will cost from 400 UAH).

In any case, the paste is applied in a minimal layer. There should be no air bubbles or lumps. Previously, layers of old, dried pasta are carefully washed. It is very easily soiled and does not wash well. Therefore, you need to be careful.

The temperature indicators of the system can be checked using special programs. For example, using HWMonitor. This is a utility with free functionality. It is downloaded through the Google archive. It weighs a little, is placed quickly. Valid values ​​for work:

  • processor – 45-65 °;
  • hard drive – 30-45 °;
  • video card – up to 90 ° (depending on the type, since for some this temperature is already critical).

You can view information on the optimal parameters for a specific technique on the Internet or in the technical data sheet. If only one component is heated, and not the entire system, it will have to be changed.

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Special software to improve performance

Below are several programs that can be used to increase the FPS. You only need to choose one. Installing and running even two will not double the indicators, but, on the contrary, will reduce them by reducing system performance.

  1. Razer Cortex: Game Booster
    Specially designed software that optimizes game settings. It is not in the background – it is launched when the game is turned on. It has several functions (the ability to record, save the passage algorithm). Information is stored in the cloud server.

2 . Wise Game Booster
The program is lightweight and functional. It works for free and is operated in Russian. Requires additional configuration before launch.

  1. GameGain
    Accelerates even the weakest computers . A fairly new program with limited functionality (demo + paid version).
  2. Process Lasso
    Not only speeds up the system, but also cleans it up. It is aimed even at the most “difficult” games.
  3. Driver Booster
    Designed to update and customize the drivers available on your computer. Improves games and the system in general.

By downloading any of the programs, the user gets the desired result.

If we draw the line to increase the FPS, it is worth:

  • set power management to maximum settings;
  • for those who play on a laptop – be sure to make or buy a stand. If you do it yourself, a piece of hewn wood or plastic will do. On sale there are bases with automatic cooling (create the effect of an air conditioner). Cost from 200 UAH. Each provides a constant flow of air, so the system heats up less;
  • the computer should always be restarted before starting the game. If autoload is cleared, the game will “run” more quickly and smoother. After all, even closed applications continue to “phon”, leaving residual files;
  • the disk is periodically checked for errors. This is done using standard systems by right-clicking on the C drive: a menu opens → properties are found → service → “check for errors” is selected and, in fact, “believe”. Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​10 also has this functionality. Auslogics Disk Doctor is selected;
  • the calculation of sounds is disabled. If the processor is single-core, this solution allows you to increase the FPS up to 30%;
  • compressed textures are set. Standard games have 6%, 12%, 25% and 50% compression. This item must be configured “for yourself”, it is not automatic. With the release of each new patch in online toys, you will have to reconfigure;
  • the game may run out of RAM. And, if the game is launched on a gadget with an additional slot, you can buy a bar and deliver it. Otherwise, it’s better to say goodbye to the game. You can also try increasing the amount of virtual memory.

– For Windows 10: a search window opens → enter “performance” → select “performance tuning”. In the “Advanced” menu, find “Virtual memory” and the item “Change”.

– For Windows 7 and 8 systems, sysdm.cpl is entered via Win + R. In the window that opens, select Advanced → Performance → Parameters. Again they are looking for More → the Change key → set the size from 2 to 6 GB.

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Some experts point out that if the computer has more than 16 GB of RAM , additional “swap” of the system will not improve its performance, but slow down. In general, everyone himself should try to increase the FPS in the chosen way, and then draw conclusions.

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