How to increase the sound on a laptop

The more sound software in the laptop , the wider the field of activity for users who like to tinker with the settings. And there are also specialized utilities, the developers of which promise to increase the sound by 500-1000%. Read on. Surely you will come across a suitable solution to the problem.

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Why is the sound on my laptop quiet?

Laptops are good for their mobility: laptops can be used on the road without connecting speakers. However, mobility sometimes goes sideways, for example, when the model has weak speakers. If you are at home, of course, you can connect the speakers , and the question will be safely resolved. But what to do with faint sound on the road or away? The causes of the problem may be as follows:

  • one of the volume controls is too low;
  • the drivers on the laptop are out of date;
  • problem with sound settings;
  • got an unsuccessful music or video;
  • defective components related to audio playback.

Next, let’s try to figure out how to increase the sound on a silent laptop. Since problems with hardware, due to which sound quality is lost, are very rare, we will talk about setting up laptop software and third-party programs.

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How to increase the sound on a laptop using Windows?

First of all, left-click on the speaker icon in the systray. You will see the current sound level. If the slider is down, pull it up, set the volume to 100%. Adding sound using the keyboard can be less intuitive, but no less effective. In the top row of keys, look for a speaker with a plus or an up arrow. Depending on the model and settings, sometimes you need to hold Fn together with the button. On some laptops, the volume is adjusted by pressing ← or → while holding Fn.

Did not help? The next step is to make sure the problem is really with the laptop and not with the media. Try to run files of the same format. If they are played normally, everything is well audible, then the content source has pumped up.

Next, let’s dive into the sound settings of Windows:

  1. Right click on the loudspeaker in the system tray.
  2. Choose “Playback Devices” → “Speakers”. We click “Properties”.
  3. We look at 2 key tabs: Enhancements, aka “Additional features”, and “Advanced”. They have parameters. Experiment with them, sometimes it helps. Just make screenshots of the settings first, because the reason for the lack of sound may not be this. Many people are helped by turning on the sound equalizer parameter and then setting all sliders to maximum.

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Amplifying sound in media players

You can improve the volume of movies using media players with sound enhancement functionality. Here are some examples of such software:

  1. Media Player Classic. Click View → Settings → Audio Switch. Drag the gain slider to the right up to 300%.
  2. The popular VLC player used to provide the ability to increase the volume by 200%. However, later the developer decided to slow down, limiting himself to a limit of 125%, since the sound quality suffered from 200% painfully.
  3. GOM Player. In this, as in the previous case, you can add decibels using the volume slider. The maximum gain is up to 150%.

However, adding sound using the player negatively affects the quality of audio playback. It is better to first try to increase the volume of a flabby laptop by changing the Windows settings , and then, if it does not work, try programs from other developers.

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Driver settings

Problems with drivers usually occur when upgrading to Windows 10 from the G8, as well as unsuccessful upgrades of the G8 itself. More often than not, the sound disappears completely, but sometimes the volume is lost. To look for crookedly installed drivers, you need to visit Device Manager and look to see if there is an icon with a question or exclamation mark next to the audio device. It is advisable to install the drivers from the laptop manufacturer, and not Microsoft ones.

In the case of Realtek drivers, the laptop must have a proprietary dispatcher with sound settings. We go into it, open the “Sound Effect” tab. At the bottom of the window, find the volume slider and set it to maximum. We check 3 more volume controls on the “Mixer” tab.

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How to add sound on a laptop using programs

Let’s take a look at the top five actual utilities designed to increase the volume. Most of them affect the audio that comes from any source on the PC or the Internet. These are the so-called universal amplifiers. Their company is diluted with Audio Amplifier – a utility designed to process files with audio tracks selected by the user. Here are the top five in a table:

  Universal amplifiers Audio File Amplifiers Russian interface Can be bought on the official website
Sound booster + + +
Audio Amplifier + +
Hear +
Fx Sound Enhancer + +
SRS Audio SandBox + +

The Hear software is no longer distributed by the developer.

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To enhance quiet sound on a laptop with a program, one of the popular solutions is the universal utility Sound Booster. It adds volume to all applications installed on the laptop. After installation, a shortcut appears on the desktop. We launch it, and find the program icon in the system tray. We click on the dynamics and we see that the slider can reach up to 500% volume. You can enable the Start on Windows checkbox to automatically load the program.

Sound Booster is distributed commercially by the developer. To assess the feasibility of a purchase, he gives users 2 free trial weeks. The only limitation of the trial program is to turn off the sound amplification every 5 minutes for 5 seconds. There is no additional software in the installation from the developer’s site. In addition to the attachment that adds volume to the laptop, you do not install or uninstall anything. Letasoft assures that they do not interfere with Windows in any way.


The utility is tailored to work with audio and video files. It will not work to make it louder, for example, Skype. But Audio Amplifier can not only add volume, but also reduce it. The maximum sound amplification is 1000%.

The interface of the program pleases with its laconicism, it is not difficult to understand it. To change the volume, click Load file, then move the slider in the desired direction and save the result. Unfortunately, the program does not have a preview. Users get the best soundtrack by trial and error. If you increase the volume 10 times, the result is unlikely to impress, since the picture will probably be spoiled by an order of magnitude increased noise.


Often, users are looking for a solution to how to amplify the sound on a silent laptop, forgetting that a third-party utility can degrade its quality. With Hear, music lovers needn’t worry, as the app is the work of Prosoft, a software company that has been making software for over 30 years. Increasing the speaker volume is one of the utility’s many functions. The program can create 3D sound, delight with special effects. There are versions for Windows and MacOS.

After installing the program, the Hear icon appears in the “Playback” tab of the “Sound” window. The utility contains many presets, including those adapted for optimal music playback through speakers or headphones. To increase the volume in the Hear sound manager, click on the Speaker icon.


The Fxsound company specializes in the development of software for optimizing audio devices for laptops and desktops. The company has been working in this niche for over 20 years. After installing the Fx Sound utility, the program icon appears in the system tray. It registers itself in Windows startup.

The program includes dozens of presets for all occasions. Its advantages:

  • Music, video, and game sound are brighter and clearer.
  • Users are pleased with the smoothing of volume differences in films.
  • An advanced equalizer helps you balance the frequencies of your music tracks.

The company plans to adapt software for MacBooks and smartphones . The trial version is designed for a week, the paid version costs from $ 3 per month to $ 20 per year. Together with it, users receive premium technical support.

SRS Audio SandBox

A catch-up is the latest utility designed mainly to improve sound quality. The premium version of the program costs $ 20. Demo version with limited functionality is provided for 2 weeks.

The volume is adjusted on the left side of the main window of the program, on the right – detailed sound settings. In the Content menu, users select the file type for which the program will adapt. Possible options: music, games , movies, and more. In the Speaker menu – playback devices: headphones, speakers, subwoofer. In the Technology section – sound processing technologies. The developer has provided for the adjustment of surround sound, frequency setting. A wide variety of presets are available.

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Increasing sound with external devices (speakers, headphones)

If, by correcting the native settings of the laptop software, it was not possible to increase the volume, the user has 2 options:

  • install a third-party program,
  • buy an additional audio device: speakers or headphones.

Prices for specialized software and budget acoustics are about the same. Therefore, the choice is not obvious here. A specialist who is well versed in software will most likely try to find a free version of the program suitable for long-term use. And a person who is not in the subject or does not want to spend time downloading, installing, configuring, etc., would rather buy an external audio device.

The choice between speakers and headphones is also not obvious, both devices can both add sound to a budget laptop and make audio more interesting. People who buy laptops at home because of their compactness tend to prefer speakers. This option is suitable for both quiet watching movies and noisy parties. Users who take a laptop to work and on business trips usually prefer headphones .

In conclusion, a few words about codecs – audio and video decoding programs. This software is usually remembered when, in general, there are no problems with the playback of multimedia content, but does not want to run normally any one file format, for example, * mkv. An example of a popular set of decompressors is the K-Lite Codec.

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