How to make money on Steam

If you are wondering  how to make money with Steam  , you are reading the right article. We have composed this article after doing a great deal of research on Steam. So if you are a game designer, developer, coder, or even a gamer, this information would be precious. In other words, this article emphasizes the different ways to earn money using Steam.

What exactly is Steam?

Steam is considered the most widespread platform dedicated to the digital distribution of video games. According to statistics, around 18% of all PC games are sold through this platform. Currently, it has more than 150 million enthusiastic game users. So far, Steam has sold more than $ 4.3 billion worth of games to these users. That surely explains the popularity of Steam.

So how do you make money with Steam?

With that said, let’s get into the real question, how do you make money with Steam? Basically, two main platforms allow you to make money on Steam. To earn income using this platform, you can buy or sell items using the platform called ‘  Steam Market  ‘. If not, you can create a game using ‘  Steam Direct  ‘ and then try to sell it.

When it comes to the Steam Market, it works as a platform that allows you to trade items. These items can be earned by playing games. For example, you can trade cards and items in the game. However, whatever you earn will go to the Steam Wallet. In that case, you cannot withdraw these earnings to your bank account.

However, when it comes to Steam Direct, it is a process of launching the games that you have created. With this process, of course, you have a greater potential for a significant profit. But, in return, you will have to work hard and spend hours developing games.

How to trade and sell items on the Steam Market platform

The most convenient way to make money with Steam is to try the Steam Market. To win money, you will have to save the collectible cards and the items that are won during the games. These items can be earned with every game you play. After that, you will be able to sell these items on the Steam Market. Once you win, the winnings will be sent directly to the Steam Wallet.

It is true that you cannot transfer the winnings to your bank account. However, you can use these earnings in the Steam Wallet to buy games on the Steam Market. If not, you can even buy more items using it.

For those who are wondering  how to make money with Steam  , they should start saving the trading cards. You can wait up to three cards for each game. Some of the cards are worth a couple of pennies. However, other cards can be worth a couple of dollars.

You can even win these cards automatically. However, the number of cards you win will depend on how long you have to spend in the game. For example, you will be able to take your first card after playing the game for about 15 minutes. The second card will be in your wallet in about 2 hours.

Also, there are some games that are part of the game elements. These items can be traded and sold within the Steam Market platform. Very popular games like  PUBG  and  CS GO  (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) include valuable items, for example. Items in these games are in higher demand, so you can get more money.

After obtaining a sufficient number of items, you will be able to visit the Steam Market. Then you can list the items you already have for sale. When it comes to the sale, it is done automatically each time a different user performs a purchase action.

How to distribute an original game through the Steam Direct platform?

The above method does not earn you real money. However, if you want to earn that kind of real money, you can use the Steam Direct platform. The only method you can use to earn real money on this platform is by making original games. You can create an original game on Steam Direct and get paid. The payout you get will be based on the amount of sales your game makes. It also consists of in-game purchases.

In fact, it is more of an investment to distribute a game on Steam Direct. That means you will have to invest your time, knowledge and energy to make a game from scratch. Then, to add the game to Steam, you will have to spend another $ 100.

There is a set of rules and regulations for distributing a game through Steam. However, the rules have changed recently. In general, the rules are pretty strict when it comes to game content. However, if you can create a game that users can enjoy, you have a chance of winning.

On the other hand, Steam takes a substantial part of the sales it generates using Steam Direct. In fact, they receive a 30% commission on the total amount of income you generate through these games. For example, suppose you sell 500 copies of a game (priced at $ 2 per copy). Total sales revenue would be $ 1000. However, your take-home money   would be $ 700 (after your 30% cut).

There are a few tips to keep in mind if you hope to increase your chances of making money on Steam. For example, your game must be ”  fun to play  ” if you expect to make a good income.

In fact, the distance your game travels depends on the feedback from other players. If they leave a lot of positive feedback, the popularity of the game will skyrocket. So more people will play your game, generating more income for you. However, if the majority of the reviews are negative, things would not be so pleasant for you.

To get users to notice your game, there are a few tricks to follow. One of the key steps to that is to have impressive screenshots of your game. The screenshots must be convincing and must be able to create a strong impression of your game. So, users will be curious about it and want to take a look at the actual game.

In addition to that, it is essential to integrate some of the Steam features into the game. For example, you can add Steam achievements as well as trading cards in your game. Also, you can interact with the players on the platform and use the Community Hub to popularize your game.

Other ways to make money using Steam

The two main methods you can consider to make money on Steam are mentioned above. However, this not all; There are other ways to make money with Steam.

Highly skilled game designers and programmers can provide their service to freelance game developers. In fact, there are many developers looking to release their games on this platform.

In certain cases, developers tend to hire freelance game developers, coders, and designers to do some work. These opportunities can be found if you actively participate in their discussion forums regularly.

In addition to developers, there are game enthusiasts who are willing to outsource artwork. They are ready to spend money if you can create beautiful works of art for their profile photos. Also, you can create graphics for your in-game content if you are talented enough.

Conclusion of how to make money on Steam

The first thing to realize is that the Steam Market does not make you real money. When the items are sold on the Steam Market, you will make the profit on the Steam Wallet. Your Steam Wallet can be used to purchase skins like games and other items. However, these earnings cannot be withdrawn to a real bank account.

So the only option you have to make money on Steam is to sell games developed by you. This must be done using  the Steam Direct platform  . However, if you are creating a game, be sure to adhere to its guidelines as well. Otherwise, if you create an inappropriate game, Steam will not accept it. In that case, your efforts will be in vain.

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