How to Play Songs From YouTube on the Amazon Echo

How to Play Songs From YouTube on the Amazon Echo
How to Play Songs From YouTube on the Amazon Echo
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The Amazon Echo is a brilliant device that will answer all your questions, make lists, play media e.t.c. If you are not aware, it is even possible to ask Alexa to place Amazon orders for you. Do you know that the Echo can actually take media from other sources and play it over its speaker? Now you do. Amazon Echo can actually play music from other sources, including YouTube.

Users can also connect your mobile device, tab, or even desktop computer to Alexa through Bluetooth to play songs and other media. The Amazon Echo is home to a big selection of compatible music streaming applications and it can play Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn e.t.c. See the answer to your How Do I Play Songs From YouTube On The Amazon Echo question:

Play Songs YouTube Amazon Echo
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How Can I Play Music From YouTube On My Amazon Echo?

As you already know, too many people love listening to songs on YouTube since it is free and home to lots of tracks and playlists from new artists, top stars, super celebrities, and past singers. Just be rest assured that YouTube is home to any kind of song you can think of.

Because of this restriction, you will have to pair your Echo with an external device using Bluetooth to play songs from YouTube. You can use any Bluetooth-enabled device that has an Internet connection. For this tutorial though, I’ll be using a mobile device.

To make this work, a working Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and a Bluetooth-enabled device with Internet connectivity are required. Adhere to these instructions to play music and other content available on YouTube:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your connected device.
  2. Say “Alexa, connect with my phone” or whatever device you are using.
  3. Adhere to the instructions to pair the Echo with your device.
  4. Launch the YouTube application on your device (or in the device’s web browser) and play anything you wish to play on YouTube.
  5. The sound will immediately be heard on your Echo’s speaker.

Sadly, it is not possible to control YouTube through the Echo the way you control Pandora, Spotify, or Amazon Music. Users can even stop playback, pause it, and reduce or increase the volume, but that is that. Those commands do not affect your connected device which is streaming the YouTube content.

Play Songs YouTube Amazon Echo
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How Can I Add A Skill To Alexa To Control YouTube From My Echo?

If you are not happy with this, there are other ways to automate the process. Even if Amazon will most likely fail to add direct support for YouTube playback to the Echo or Echo Dot in the nearest future, users are allowed to add skills to their own Echo to give them more control when playing songs from YouTube.

The Amazon Skills Kit aids developers to create and publish skills for Alexa that users can then install to boost the functionality of the Amazon Echo.

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