How to post an igtv video on Instagram


  • 1From phone
    • 1Android
    • 2iPhone
  • 2From a computer

Instagram users have been asking developers for IGTV videos (up to 60 minutes) for more than one year. Long-term content became convenient for recording long stories, serials, programs, etc. began to be uploaded there.

Let’s figure out how to add a video to igtv instagram using a phone and a personal computer.

From the phone

Consider the option of downloading lengthy videos using the two main operating systems IOS and Android. Please note that the functionality of the application does not allow you to record a lengthy video. The only option is to record the content separately using the built-in or third-party app.


  1. So, after a separate shooting or transfer of content, we launch instagram and tap on the big plus in the rectangle on the bottom Instagram panel.
  2. In the menu that appears, we are interested in the ” Gallery” section . The previously loaded workpiece will appear here. Select it and click on ” Next “.
  3. The system will offer the following options:
    Short– Share a fragment up to one minute in profile and in the feed.
    Long Lasting – Post the full video to IGTV. The preview can be shared in the profile and feed.
    We choose option 2 and move on.
  4. The next step is to choose a cover. Here you can select both an existing frame and upload a photo from the gallery.
  5. It remains to fill in the fields ” Name” and ” Description ” and click on ” Publish “


  1. To get started, you need to shoot or download a video clip up to 60 minutes in advance. After recording, launch Instagram and click on the small TV icon in the corner of the screen.
  2. We create an IGTV channel if it has not been created and tap on a small plus.
  3. A library with files from the phone memory will open. Choose the one you want and move on.
  4. It remains to come up with a name and optionally specify a description of the video and click on ” Publish“.

From the computer

Videos of igtv format can be downloaded without using additional extensions and programs. The official site allows you to download videos directly in your browser.

  1. We open the website using any browser and log in under a personal account. After that, go to your personal profile by clicking on the avatar thumbnail.
  2. Here we are interested in the IGTV section next to the publication point.
  3. Pay attention to the blue button that says ” DOWNLOAD“.

Please note that the maximum length of a video is no more than 60 minutes.

  1. In the menu that opens, drag the desired file to the appropriate area and enter additional information in the form of a description and name. Don’t forget to upload your cover in JPEG or PNG format.
  2. It remains to click on “Publish” and the publication will be loaded onto the page.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that when downloading a video from a personal computer, it must be prepared in advance, since the system does not allow shooting directly from a webcam.

Now you know how to add video to igtv instagram. The IGTV format is great for recording lengthy podcasts or complex stories that don’t fit into a regular post and story.

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