How to Record Calls on Android

How to Record Calls on Android

How to Record Calls on AndroidHow to Record Calls on Android

How to Record Calls on Android? A step by step guide on how to record, retrieve and delete a phone call on an Android smartphone.

Call recording on smartphones is a function that can come in handy on many occasions. Let’s think of a journalist interviewing a prominent person or a chat with the boss who provides us with information to remember. In short, the cases are endless. A few weeks ago, Google has updated its Phone app by integrating the call recording function. This possibility was already present some time ago but has been abandoned over time also due to the customizations made by individual manufacturers.

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To work, in fact, you must always use the Google Phone app pre-installed by now on most Android smartphones: from Google’s Pixel to Xiaomi , from OPPO to OnePlus , from Motorola to Samsung .

  • Requirements to take advantage of the call recording function
  • How to record a call on Android?
  • Where to find a recorded call on Android
  • How to delete a recorded call on Android

Requirements to take advantage of the call recording function

In order to take advantage of the call recording function, your smartphone must meet some requirements:

  • The OS version must be Android 9 or later.
  • The Phone app version must be the latest.

Usually, the application update takes place automatically. Alternatively, you can go to the Play Store, search for the app and start the update. Once done, that’s it.

If your smartphone does not use the Google Phone app, you can always download it from the Play Store and replace it with the one set by default on your device.

We tested it on several smartphones ( OPPO Find X3 Lite , Motorola Edge , Mi 11 Lite 5G , OnePlus Nord 2 ) and it was found to be fully functional.

However, Google reminds you that call recording is not available everywhere and that it is not supported in some countries or regions.

How to record a call on Android?

Operation is very simple. Once the call has been started, you will see the call recording button appear among the various options (as in the image below). Recording can only be started when the other party answers.

By clicking on Record, both parties will receive a voice message informing them of the recording of the call as a means of protecting the privacy of the people involved in the call.

To stop recording, on the other hand, simply click on Stop. Again, there will be a voice alert informing you of the interruption of the recording.

The same operation is valid if you want to record a received call.

Calls cannot be recorded if:

  • The interlocutor does not answer
  • The call is on hold
  • The sound is muted

Where to find a recorded call on Android

Once the registration is finished, it is stored on the internal memory of the device. Recorded phone calls will not leave your smartphone unless you decide to share them.

If the call recorded is the last one, you will need to open the Phone app and select the Recent item At this point, you will see the microphone icon next to the last contact called. Just click on it to see the registration appear. Here, you can listen to it again, share it (according to the law) or delete it.

If, on the other hand, you want to recover previous recordings, you will need to click on the History item where there will be all the calls made with that contact and listen to the recording that interests us.

How to delete a recorded call on Android

To delete recorded calls on Android, there are two options: manual or automatic deletion.

To manually delete the registration , you can recover the registration as described in the previous paragraph and delete the single registration by clicking on the trash can icon. Otherwise you can delete all recordings in just one click.

In this case, the path to follow is as follows:

  • Open the Phoneapp
  • Open the Settingsstarting from the three dots at the top right
  • Select Call Recording
  • Select Delete all recordings now
  • Confirm the action by clicking on Delete

In the same Call Recording menu , you will find the Delete Recordings item Here you can opt for automatic deletion by choosing between:

  • After 7 days
  • After 14 days
  • After 30 days

The system will automatically delete the recorded conversations after 7, 14 or 30 days depending on the choice made.

Finally, it is worth remembering that in Italy recording a call is legal if the person making the recording is part of the conversation. On the contrary, its diffusion is not. The law prohibits the spread of the conversation unless there is the consent of all participants.

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