How to remove the photo from your Zoom profile

All the applications that we can use from our PC or from mobile devices have editable functions. This means that we can change certain aspects of your configuration. And in this article we will talk about a very popular App to communicate such as Zoom and we will tell you how you can remove the profile photo and change it for another .

Zoom is an ideal platform to communicate with people from different parts of the planet and it is also ideal for group video calls . But we may be unaware of some basic functions or we simply do not know how to make simple changes, such as changing the profile name of our Zoom account and thus personalizing it.

But in the following article we are going to teach you something that you may think is not possible to do and it is about changing your profile picture . Since once you created your account in Zoom , to get out of the way you put a photo that you did not like very much. But do not worry, below we will show you how easy it can be to make this change and what aspects you should assess before doing it.

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  1. What do you need to know if you want to delete Zoom’s profile picture?
    1. You cannot leave the profile photo empty
    2. You will have to crop the photo if it does not fit well
  2. How can I remove my profile picture from Zoom?
    1. On an Android or iOS mobile device
    2. From the computer
  3. Why is my previous profile photo visible in Zoom?

What do you need to know if you want to delete Zoom’s profile picture?

Before carrying out this or any other change in your Zoom profile, it is necessary that you know or keep in mind some important aspects. And in this way you will not have problems with the application in the future, among these aspects we can mention the following.

You cannot leave the profile photo empty

One of the aspects that you should undoubtedly be clear about with Zoom is that it will not allow for any reason that you do not place a profile photo . This point is explicit in its policy and there must be a photo that identifies each of the users. In this way, there will always be an image that helps you clearly recognize who you are talking to without having to see their profile name.

You will have to crop the photo if it does not fit well

When you want to change the photo of your profile profile, it will be necessary to adjust it to the dimensions allowed by the application. Therefore by means of the option ‘Change’ you can perfectly change the orientation of the photo. Or if it is very large, cut it out in such a way that it can fit in the determined area to place your user photo .

How can I remove my profile picture from Zoom?

Now, Zoom is a very versatile application and can be used from mobile devices or personal computers. And from any of these teams you can change the profile photo . And you will be amazed how simple it will be, as much as changing the Spanish language in Zoom . Next, we will indicate the steps to follow:

On an Android or iOS mobile device

The steps that we will indicate here will work perfectly on any mobile device you use. So it does not matter if it works with the iOS or Android operating system , since the changes will be made directly in the Zoom application. To begin, we will enter the App and start our session in the way we usually do.

Being within our profile, we will go to the bottom of the screen and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. The next step is to select your Zoom account and then click on the ‘Profile photo’ option. The screen will show the options you have to make the photo change, these are ‘ Take photo’ and ‘Choose photo’ .

This way you can take a photo with your smartphone’s camera or choose an existing photo from the gallery. Made your choice, you must now adjust the photo so that it fits seamlessly into the box. To finish, you just have to click on the Done option and in this simple way you have changed your Zoom profile photo from your mobile .

From the computer

From your personal computer it is also possible to change the photo of your Zoom profile and to achieve this you must do the following. Enter the Zoom application that you have downloaded and now go to the right side of the screen and there you will locate an icon in the form of a gear, when you click on it you will enter the configuration window which shows you several options to choose from.

In our case, we will find and select the option ‘Profile’ found in the left panel. This action will display new options, but now on the right of your screen and you are going to click on the option ‘ Edit profile’ . Now you will be taken to a new window and in it you must click on the ‘Change’ option.

Then, you will receive a message on the screen indicating that the photo that you will use for your profile should not exceed 2 MB . If everything is correct you must choose the option ‘Upload,’ this action will open the folder where you have the photo, once you select it, click on ‘Open’. Then adjust the image and to finish click on the ‘Save’ option.

Why is my previous profile photo visible in Zoom?

Once you have made the change of the photo of your Zoom profile, it will be displayed automatically. But there may be the possibility that this change is not reflected at the moment and then we suggest that you do the following. Close the Zoom program and after a few minutes, go back into the application and now you can see the new photo in your profile .

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