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Are you among those in need of how to send fake bank alert here in Nigeria or worldwide? You might have been hearing rumors about fake bank alert in your local news but haven’t seen one or you don’t believe such thing exist, well sending fake alert here in Nigeria and worldwide is real And if you are interested this post will surely be of help to you.

Before I continue let we show you few things you will learn at the end of this post (summary)

  • How to do Fake Alert using Your Mobile Phone
  • Best Mobile Apps for Fake bank alert
  • don’t be a victim of fake alert
  • how to run fake alerts.

Below video is from hackbanks and it explains how u can easily send fake bank alert in Nigeria:

For you to be reading this post am sure you are a yahoo boy or you are planning to be one,your reasons may be because you have no other jobs and you need some cash to level up. Many street hustlers are now making research on one or two ways to step up the yahoo game because even dating and military is saturated now.

What Is Fake Bank Alert and How does it Work

Fake bank alert is a tricky sms text that looks exactly like your bank alert sms, the message notifies you that someone have deposited/transferred money into your account.

It will show the persons name, the amount deposited and also your exact account balance.

For you to receive such sms or any amount that means you sold something and someone is paying you or that you are expecting money that someone promised to send you.

The fake alert tools have been advanced now that the funds will show in your actual balance and your account balance will be updated so even if the person is trying to form smart by checking his account balance the evidence alert will still be they.

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The main people that uses this fake alert softwares are yahoo boys and bad hackers,they mainly use it to pay bills, Debts,Loans,Buy goods and services and at the end while they gain, you the victim will be at loss because nothing actually is gonna be credited to your account – It’s all Fake. That’s how it goes.

What is Fake Bank alert Application software?

This are tools/software or applications design for sending fake bank alerts to victims by yahoo boys or hackers. You as the receiver/creditor the fake sms will shows you that so so person sent money to your account and it will bear your Bank name and details exactly as it usually comes from your Bank.

With this tools anyone can get scammed no matter how smart you are because it always come exactly the way your original bank alert comes and the exact balance will appear.

With the way system of things are now, goods and services are costly so the only way to buy things when you are broke is using fake alert app

Some Dangers in using fake alert scam format

This fake alert systems of scam is risky especially if u are not using the right tools and you are not smart enough to know when to use it and not. Also Using fake alert app in Nigeria is illegal and can lead you to death or jail if you are caught. So if after knowing that using fake alert is dangerous and you are still interested read below:

You don’t just send random persons fake alert or use it to play, before you could do such It means You must have gotten some business deals with the person and you want to make payment. Perhaps for things that are yet to be delivered which will be delivered to you after payment.

Then after paying the person with fake alert and now you are with the goods or services before the person will later realized that it was all scam.

Safety ways to use fake alert scam format without being caught.

This method am am showing you is same method our boys uses on daily basis to cash out big time.
You don’t use fake alert sms for someone or business owners around you or your locality, what I mean is that don’t use it for your neighbors or people that know you because if they later find out you will be Traced. So I advice you to use them only from far distance were you are a total stranger or online business.

Before you start this scam work make sure you have the latest Updated Version of Flash Funds ,, this app will show every details of the person immediately you input his account details and also send the sms alert which will update the persons account balance without suspicious or traced.
Don’t use all this fake apps you download online because its too risky and don’t work properly “FLASH FUNDS APP “ is recommended.

Best software/apps tools to send fake Bank Alerts

We have plenty apk apps that you can use to send out fake money and flash account with fake alerts but few are trusted an reliable. Check Below:

Bulk SmS Alert Sender

This one is random sms sender its not only used for fake alert you can as well use bulk sms software to advertise your businesses and services and your business name will appear as the original sender.
Now yahoo boys are using bulk sms sender to do fake alert messages.
How it is done is that during the creation of the bulk sms software the yahoo boy will use bank name like Firstbank or Access Bank to customized the name . but one thing about this method I don’t like is that you must have the persons phone number that he or she uses to receive alert and That can be very difficult to get because you can’t ask for someone account details and also ask for their alert phone numbers.

And if you are not lucky the person gave you another number then you will be catch.
To use this method you will be needing LoftySms Apk application

How To Send Fake Bank Alert using LoftySms – Bulk SMS

To use this method kindly download loftysms from playstore or click here to donwload

Install and Launch the Mobile App then click on the Sign up button as a new user.

Enter Your name, Username, Email, PASSWORDS, Country and Phone number.

After that, Confirm your email and Login your Loftysms account. Right from your Homepage you need to Fund your wallet with some sms units before you can get started sending messages.

Open the app login your account and Just click On Make Payment and from the next screen,

Add how much you want to fund. I added 1000NGN and am given 475 Sms units.

After selecting the bank you want to use and also the amount you are depositing a message will pop-up where you can successful make the payment and your account will be credited.

From Your app Homepage click On send Sms . Enter your sms details. Your sender ID is what will show to your recipient as the sender, in the recipient field enter the customers phone number. Compose your Sms using the Format of the client bank.

Flash Funds App Pro

Flash Funds Tool is the best and secured way of sending fake alert and flashing of accounts,There’s No Way You can think of Sending Fake Alerts without mentioning Flash Funds Tool. Below is exactly how the tool works.

When you send Messages the senders ID do show up: But in the case of flash funds, You only need to select the bank ID and it will appear in the clients phone or device exactly as it usually comes from the particular bank they operates.

With FlashFunds 8.0, You can send Fake Bank alerts to all countries including Nigeria and others Before now, one challenge international fake alert senders do get is getting the right credit and debit alert template for their jobs.

Just input the persons account number,Bank name, amount and the time you want it to send press OK, immediately that time reaches the flash funds tools will flash the account with the amount you selected and the person will receive exact alerts and his balance..

The only was he can finds out is when he tries to withdraw the money, he can’t withdraw the money and when he complains to bank he will be told that it was fake alert scam.

The cost of flash fund tools pro is $100

Once You place your order and make purchase, You will Get an activation code which you must keep very sacred. This is because you will only lost the app once you lost the activation Key unless you have to buy new activation key.

If you need to purchase this flash fund tools for account flashing and fake alert CONTACT:

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