How to send files through WeTransfer

Among the cloud storage services with free plans, WeTransfer is one of the best options because it requires relatively no conditions or registration to enjoy its benefits, in addition to that, while 2GB files are uploaded we can upload the amount we want, it which opens an option to send multi-part compressed files .

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  1. How do you send files through WeTransfer at no cost?
    1. From the mobile version
    2. On the website
  2. What is the maximum file size that the free version can send?
  3. How much does the paid version of WeTransfer cost?
  4. How are the files received with WeTransfer opened?

How do you send files through WeTransfer at no cost?

It is important that you have the file you want to send selected and stored on your PC, you must be careful because the free version limits you to sending files with a maximum weight of 2 GB to different people. Sending files, and receiving them works the same way basically. To send you must go to the official WeTransfer page, remember that you do not need to be registered to use the platform.

Once there, you must select the option that best suits what you want to send, in this case, you will choose the “free” option and then you will give the “no thanks” button which refers to the option to create your own account. . Then, we proceed to fill in the information form that the platform asks us to be able to send the files, information that consists of the destination email exclusively to send the link of the uploaded file . Once this is done, you will have to wait for the complete upload of the file that you decided to send to load, once completed you will only have to press send.

From the mobile version

The way you send your files works in the same way as from the pc, once inside the application, you must select the file you want to send (it should not weigh more than 2GB) and once this is done, select the service you want use to be able to send. Now you will be able to send and receive files quickly, easily and with just one click from your mobile anytime, anywhere (as long as you have internet service, of course).

On the website

Sending files from the desktop version of WeTransfer is even easier , just go to the main page, choose whether or not you want to create your own account and select the free shipping option, which, of course, should not exceed 2GB in weight. Once these steps have been followed, we must fill out the form that the platform will show us, remember that you must enter the recipient’s email information, After doing this procedure, we will have to wait a little for the upload to be completed Remember not to leave the page during this process! Once this is done, you will be one step away from submitting the files.

What is the maximum file size that the free version can send?

Among the limitations that this application has, the maximum file size is only limited to 2GB. Although we could make even more shipments if we reduce the weight of these files or if we have sent them on the contrary, progressively. Still, it’s a great, fast-uploading app for easily and hassle-free sharing of large files with others.

How much does the paid version of WeTransfer cost?

Having the WeTransfer pro plan will only cost you 120 euros per year or 12 euros per month, an accessible amount that will give you several pros; which will be necessary if you send files constantly. Choosing to use the payment plan benefits you with several more advanced options, the most attractive thing about this plan is that you can send files of up to 20Gb, and also, in case you haven’t noticed, if you usually upload many files to the cloud, Paying the annual subscription might be a better option, as this saves you 24 euros a year .

In addition, it offers us our own cloud with 100 Gb space, where you can store all the files you want. As if this were not enough, you can configure the file that you have shared so that it remains as long as you want (one month, 15 days etc.) and you will also have the option of adding an access key to protect it.

How are the files received with WeTransfer opened?

You just have to enter your email normally (the email to which the file was sent) and look for the one that has been sent from WeTransfer. Once the mail with the file has been opened, you must select the “download” option, that is, to download. Once this is done, the WeTransfer page will open, where you must also choose the “download” option once downloaded. open it.

You must remember that the files that you have received by WeTransfer have an expiration period of 15 days , therefore, you must try to download the files that you have received by WeTransfer (either from the mobile version or the website) so, once After this period of time, the files will no longer exist on the platform and therefore you will not be able to download them.

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