How to share Netflix Account with Friends

How to share Netflix Account with Friends

How to share Netflix Account with FriendsHow to share Netflix Account with Friends

Beside sharing with family members Netflix also provide users with avenue to include their friends in the process of enjoying what the App offers to her customers.

In this article we will be sharing important tips one need to also share with friends.

So to create a profile on Netflix for your friend and share your username and password with them is very easy and simple. So next time you can do that in order for your friends to log in and use that profile.


Below steps to create a profile;

✓ Log in to Netflix using email/phone number and password.
✓On the upper right corner, click on your Account image and select Manage Profiles.
✓ Now click on Add Profile.
✓ Give in the name of your friend in the text box provided.
✓ Click on Continue.
✓ A new profile will be created under your account
✓ If you are planning on sharing the amount for the icon, consider using Apps like Splitwise to split the amount among yourselves equally.

Hope this was helpful and you will share your Netflix with a trusted friend next time.

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