How to take a screenshot on a mobile

Screenshots are one of the actions we do the most on our mobile or at least it is one of the functions that all smartphones have, so making a screenshot can be very useful on many occasions, so today We will show you how to take a screenshot on an Android or iOS mobile.

A screen capture as its name indicates is a photo of our screen , when we take a screen capture we are obtaining an image of what the screen of our mobile shows at that moment. In other words, we can save as an image the things we see on our screen , such as, for example, a recipe, a browser image, a WhatsApp conversation or many more things.

Save screenshot automatically

How to take a screenshot on Android

Next, we will show you the steps to follow to be able to take a screenshot on any Android mobile , but you must bear in mind that depending on the model of the terminal we will have to use one button or another, but it is really simple, just follow these steps :

  1. On your mobile you will have to go to the screen of which you want to take a screenshot .
  2. Then press the volume down button and the lock / power button on the mobile at the same time .
  3. You will see a slight flicker of the screen and you will have already taken a screenshot of your mobile screen.
  4. There are devices in which you just have to press the power button for a few seconds and the “Screenshot” option will appear.
  5. In others, however, you may have to press the power button and the “home” button at the same time.
  6. Another option also available is that in almost all Android phones we can display the top menu and the option to capture the screen will appear.

How to take a screenshot on an iOS

In iPhones, the method of taking a screenshot on many of their iOS terminals has been changing, since the terminals that have the physical home button were the one they used but with the arrival of the iPhone X all changes, follow these steps to make a screenshot on iOS:

  1. As in Android, search your iPhone for the screen where you want to take the screenshot.
  2. Now you will have to simultaneously press the activation or lock button and the volume up button , in this way you will have the screenshot taken.
  3. In previous models as we have said before, you will have to use other buttons, to make the capture, you will have to press the side button and the start or “home” button at the same time.
  4. In the iPhone SE, 5 or older models you will have to press the top button and the “home” button at the same time.

Apps to take screenshots

In Google Play or AppStore we have applications available that allow us to take screenshots , but they also offer us much more advanced functions, such as editing the screenshot as we do it, or being able to take a screenshot of a complete website just by “scrolling” and many other functions, it is just a matter of trying some like the ones we leave you here:

  1. Download Lightshot Screenshot for Android
  1. Download Screenpresso for iOS
  1. Download Easy Screenshot for Android

As you have seen, taking a screenshot on our mobile is really simple , and all the methods are also compatible with tablets and iPads, so now you can capture everything you see on your mobile or tablet.

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