How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal (2024) , Alternatives, PayPal to Skrill

How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal: although Skrill and PayPal are two popular transfer media in the US, moving funds between the two accounts is not easy.

PayPal controls the broader network between Skrill/PayPal. So, you might naturally expect a seamless transmission, which isn’t always possible.

Currently, the internet is full of how-to-fix for transferring money from your PayPal account to Skrill. Bu the reverse operation has zero useful results online. Does it mean you should give up on attempting to move your funds? Of course not.

Before we get to the possible channels for the transactions, we try to put the process in the right perspective, helping you make the right choice about a mobile money wallet. See more details below.

How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal: Overview

Like we hinted at from the start, sending money in this way is hard work. It involves many banking procedures, trailing conversions between currencies along with it.

In the long run, sending funds via either direction (PayPal to Skrill or Skrill to PayPal) might necessarily involve rerouting to your bank account before moving the funds to the PayPal account.

The options are there is no way to perform seamless transfers between a Skrill Account and a PayPal account. While both operations involve two mobile wallets, they do not have a How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal support online. So, this post focuses on the alternatives that you can follow.

At a glance, you can see the options available below:

  • Crypto/currency exchange
  • Online service providers
  • Engage a broker to convert the funds
  • Try US Payment Service

We start with the crypto exchange method in the section below.

Skrill/PayPal Transfer via Crypto/Currency Exchange

There are two-pronged procedures for this method. It involves buying a cryptocurrency or liaising with a currency exchange for How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal.

If you prefer the crypto route, you might need to wait for nodes to confirm the transactions (assuming you do not engage in Peer-2-Peer firsthand). But a more non-digital means of processing the cash wires is by using currency exchange. How does it work? We explain the outlines below.

Most currency exchanges have specifications for the amount range possible on their platform. However, they seem to use the same technique: virtual products.

Instead of hauling tangible products and reselling them to a buyer at the other end of the transaction line, a currency exchange offers a virtual product (of the same magnitude as the money being transferred).

Once you buy from the virtual stock, you become eligible for a credit in your PayPal account (or Skrill, if you wish to run the transaction the other way around). Easy as that, the exchange runs the process without a glitch.

Possible Issues

The model of buying at one channel and reselling on the other end of the spectrum involves trusting a broker. And more often than not, you have no guarantees for your funds. Also, the exchange may not have any mechanism to help you track your funds.

So, the scheme might wind down to a precarious go-between handling your money, which might not sit well with the client.

However, there are some popular platforms for running these transactions. Two of them are Exchangepaypaltoskrill or

See How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal via Online Service Providers below.

Online Service Provider

Here is one not-so-digital method of transferring Skrill to PayPal. You need only access a contractor/client project execution platform, indicate and pay for a project, and then collect the money by registering as a contractor.

To retrieve the funds you receive from your client profile, ensure you accept the deal for the contract. Then confirm that the service provider supports electronic wires for Skrill credit to PayPal debit. Also, you will have to pay the resulting charges or commissions for using the service.

Possible Issue

The only problem with this procedure is that it gets awkward, especially for newbies. Regardless, the applicable rates are not much, about 1.8%.

You will have to be careful while filling in the details for the transactions. The service sends a code for verification on one end (Skrill) of the transaction. Subsequently, you can enter the actual fund (minus the charge/commission) as confirmation at the PayPal end.

How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal: US Payment Service

For ease of conversion, US Payment System (virtual banking) is the most glitch-free medium for moving funds (however small) from a US account via Skrill to an international receiver in PayPal.

Also, the service does not mount hurdles on the clients, unlike the alternatives above. All it requires is a request!

How does the transfer work?

Well, you can use a middle man like Payoneer, which only extracts its commissions after you get the MasterCard debit card.

Note: the procedure might no longer work for Skrill to PayPal transfers, given that PayPal could be rescinding transactions for hastily created or new Payoneer accounts.

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