How to unlock Sifu’s secret ending

How to unlock Sifu’s secret ending.We tell you how to get the secret ending in the Sifu fighting game.Few people know, but in Sifu there is a secret ending that can be called true. To get it, you have to do some non-obvious things. This article contains spoilers, although many of the facts listed are clear already in the first chapter.

To unlock the secret ending, you first need to complete the game in the normal way. This means you have to clear five levels and defeat five different bosses – Slums (Fakhar boss), Club (Shon boss), Museum (Kuroki boss), Tower (Jinfeng boss) and Sanctuary (Yan boss). Once you do that, you can focus on collecting all the leads. You will be able to find every clue on every level except the Sanctuary. One last one will be missing, and it is just the same connected with the secret ending of the game.

It is not necessary to collect all the clues to get it. Instead, as soon as you get plot clues after defeating Yan, study them carefully. They and the final cutscene of the regular ending contain clues. In general, the game hints that you must somehow spare your opponents.

To do this, you will have to replay all the story chapters, get to the bosses and spare them. Each boss fight has two stages. At the first stage, fight in the same way as usual. When the second phase begins, you must use dodges, parries and occasionally attacks to gradually destroy the enemy’s structure. As soon as this happens, a hint will appear that the hero can finish off his opponent. It is important that you stand close enough to the boss: a hint should appear on the screen indicating the button or key to press. All you have to do is do nothing. Skip this moment past your eyes and continue to fight.

Destroy the enemy structure again so that the corresponding tooltip appears a second time. Again, the key/button should be displayed on the screen. Do not press anything a second time, and then your opponent will understand that the main character is not going to kill him. This is how you spare the boss.

Repeat the steps in turn with each of the five opponents. Yang must be the last! Only then will you see the true ending.

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