How To: Way To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages
Recover Facebook Deleted Messages

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in the world. It is the website that has forced users in developing countries such as India to get online.

It is the trend of Facebook that made smartphones famous and mobile internet so familiar. People love to go on Facebook to get the latest updates from their friends and relatives, get news, and see what is up with the world.

The platform also offers Brand pages and advertising. People do not mind useful ads because they are well crafted and targeted to specific users.

It is also because Facebook offers so many features such as uploading images and creating albums, messaging, comments, likes & Reactions, tagging, and so much more.

Messaging on Facebook is so popular among the users that Facebook has developed the messaging service into a complete stand-alone platform known as the messenger.

It has a messenger app for every platform as well as integration in the main Facebook PC website.

The messenger service offers texting, emoji, stickers, images, videos, GIFs, and also advanced features like group chats, free voice, and video calls.

Hence, people love using the messenger by Facebook and use it as their primary mode of communication on the internet.

Many Facebook users, who use Facebook messages for day to day communication have deleted their conversations at one point or another.

Some of those users accidentally delete the wrong conversations and look for a way to recover deleted Facebook messages.

We also get a lot of queries in comments, emails as well as DMs regarding help on recovering deleted Facebook messages.

So, in this article, we will address all of those problems. Let us find the answer to the question “Is there a way to recover deleted Facebook messages?”

What Facebook says.

What Facebook Says To Recover Messages

If you look for help from official Facebook help service regarding recovery of deleted Facebook messages, the answer you will get is pretty straight forward.

Facebook says that you can not recover deleted Facebook messages once the user permanently deletes them.

Once deleted, Facebook completely erases the user’s data from their servers, and there is no way to recover them.

Here is a link to Facebook’s help regarding this topic on recovering deleted messages.

What Google Search Results Show.

In our research, we checked the top 20 search results for the phrase “How to recover deleted messages on Facebook” to find a way to recover deleted messages. Here is what we found.

Recover Facebook Messages Google Result

There were three types of search results. And not a single one was genuine.

1. Tech blogs with Outdated Tricks.

We encountered many blogs that either published an old trick or one that didn’t work ever. There were methods about messing with your Android messenger data and the files mentioned were never found.

The next trick was to download an archive of all your Facebook data. But that too didn’t contain deleted messages. This trick was the most common search results.

2. Fake websites.

The next type of results we found were fake websites. These websites promised to recover your deleted Facebook messages in a single click.

All they need is your Facebook password. We strongly discourage you from trying these sites. These sites are full of malware, and all they do is steal user data.

Once you log in to these sites, they track user data, steal your username password, mess with your account for unwanted activity, and also may be responsible for the hacking.

They offer one-click recovery but then bombard the screen with an impassable survey that you eventually give up on.

What We suggest.

After showing you the complete scenario, our experts went the extra mile to look for the way to recover deleted messages on Facebook.

Even we could not find a way because there is no way. It is impossible to recover deleted messages on Facebook as they are completely wiped off Facebook.

You can only try one thing.

Download all your data from Facebook quickly in an archive. If you are lucky, you might find your deleted messages below.

  • Click at the top-right corner of any Facebook page. Then, select Settings.
  • Select Download a copy of your Facebook data at the bottom of General Account Settings.
  • Click Start My Archive.

In conclusion, we hope this article clears all your doubts about recovering deleted Facebook messages. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to post in the comments below. Contact us in case of any tech assistance.

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