How To ZX Spectrum online emulator

Are you experiencing a moment of nostalgia from your childhood and are you looking for a ZX Spectrum online emulator to be able to relive the video games you played as a boy? Then I suggest you to read this guide, I promise to tear you a tear of melancholy without having to install any program; this is because I will show you some online sites where you can play Sinclair ZX Spectrum games directly from your browser without having to download any programs.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a computer born in 1982 and which has been the antagonist of the Commodore 64 for many years . It was a very special computer, starting with the keyboard with rubber keys; the programs were then contained in the common cassettes and to read them it was enough to connect a very common cassette player. Obviously loading a game this way took several minutes.


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ZX Spectrum online emulator

If you want to spend a few minutes replaying old Sinclair ZX Spectrum games but don’t want to waste time downloading the emulator, configuring it and getting the roms then you can use a ZX Spectrum online emulator; you will find quite a few on the internet but only four or five are truly valid. Basically you will have to connect with your browser to the site address and the ZX Spectrum online emulator will start automatically.

Internet Archive

Once again I will tell you about the Internet Archive; a huge portal that contains practically everything! On the  internet Archive  there is a section with 12,000 software (games and programs) for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, practically you will find all the games produced for the Spectrum divided by category, year, software-house, language and so on, completely playable online.

Once connected to the site of this ZX Spectrum online emulator simply locate the game you want to open and click on it; in the next screen press above the circle in the center of the game screen to start the spectrum emulator and start the game.

In addition to the game screen, the card containing all the information about the chosen game will also be displayed. This is by far the best online emulator for playing ZX Spectrum games.

Classic Reload

Another good emulator that allows you to play ZX spectrum games online is contained in the popular Classic Reload site ; this site offers many games (mostly 80s) playable online from different platforms including Sinclair. For the Sinclair there are only 71 games but some of the titles are very valid such as Bionic Commando, Ninja or the legendary Solomon’s Key. Classic reload uses Mame as the ZX Spectrum online emulator.


Another ZX Spectrum emulator for playing online is JSSpeccy ; on this site there are not many games but you will still find valid titles such as Bruce Lee and rainbow Island. The interesting thing is that this ZX Spectrum online emulator allows you to load games even not contained within the site by simply entering the URL or selecting the game roms if contained within your computer.

To load a rom already present, just select it from the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen if you want to load a program for spectrum not present on the site, press the button with the folder symbol and then press choose file if you want to load a rom contained in your computer or enter the url in the Load from web field to load a rom on the internet.

Finally, I would like to point out a Spectrum operating system emulator that contains some 80’s spectrum programs.

The Spectrum is a computer that has remained in the hearts of those who put their hands on it as a boy; it was nothing fancy and certainly offered a lot less than its rival Commodore 64, not to mention the keyboard, the most uncomfortable I’ve ever tried. But it had its own charm, starting with its Sinclair BASIC language which was simple to use and brought thousands of future nerds like me into the world of computers. Reliving his graphics with that horrendous cyan and magenta, even simply from an online emulator, brings to mind many and many hours spent in front of the dear and old cathode ray tube.

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