Instagram’s “Mute” feature will help users fight bullies

Mute Instagram Account
Mute Instagram Account

Online harassment is a real problem that social media platforms are trying to fight to protect their users. It appears that Instagram may have a potential solution because the company has announced that it will launch a new feature for its platform in the form of “Limitation”.

If you followed the latest news, you may have heard that Instagram has been testing the “Mute” feature for some time and it seems that it is finally available to all users.

Instagram Mute
Instagram Mute

In case you have not read any news, Instagram has activated a new function: the “silence”, which will allow you to eliminate unwanted comments. The new function is not limited only to this, on the contrary, we can obscure the profile of certain people who constantly annoy us, they will no longer be able to see when we are active on social media or when we have read their messages.

You can limit users by swiping left on one of their comments, or you can do it directly from their profile page or in the Privacy section in the Settings.

Once people are limited, they are the only ones who can see their comments and are not aware that others cannot see them.

To view one of their subsequent comments, you can touch View comment; so you can decide whether to delete it, ignore it, or approve it so that everyone can see it.

Comments from restricted accounts will not appear in notifications and direct messages are moved to the Message Request section. You can view them without the sender knowing that you did. You can also “limit” someone who did blackball.

This feature uses artificial intelligence, alerts people who are about to post an offensive comment, and asks if they are sure they really want to post it.

The next Mosseri move to make Instagram a more relaxing experience could be the  removal of “  I  like it.” He said the big idea is to make the app “less pressurized” so that people can spend less time worrying about likes and more time connecting with people or what inspires them.

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