iPhone 12 series to use new camera lenses in 2024

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Apple might be achieving good results with the iPhone SE 2020, but the company’s biggest focus for this year still rests on the iPhone 12 lineup. Now that these handsets are nearing the shores, more and more details are getting revealed. Today, Apple’s Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo decided to share some tidbits about the upcoming camera modules on the iPhone 12 series.

According to the analyst, Apple has included high-quality Semco and Sunny Optical lenses into its supply chain this year. For those unaware, Semco is a Korean-based company while Sunny Optical comes from China. The new models are likely to sport new lenses from these companies. According to Kuo, they will deliver better overall performance and improve the Auto-Focus functionality. Moreover, Semco’s ball-based voice coil motor in the lenses will likely replace the current spring-based solution.

Kuo also gave a piece of important information. According to him, Semco will likely manufacture the periscope-like telephoto lenses that will be used in 2022 iPhones. While this sounds interesting, it’s a shame to hear that Apple will take two years to finally adopt the periscope technology known due to its insane zoom capabilities.

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iPhone 12 series to come with batteries with less capacity than its predecessors

Apart from the new cameras, there is more information regarding newer iPhones. Unfortunately, this bit isn’t so exciting. Three Apple batteries have been certified by South Korea competent authority. The timing pretty much suggests that these batteries will fit into the new iPhone 12 lineup. The new handsets will come in three sizes with different battery capacities. The batteries supposedly have 3,687mAh, 2775mAh, and 2227 mAh. If this information is accurate, then the batteries are intended for the next iPhone models. However, at least two of them would be lower than their respective predecessors.

The iPhone 11 ships with a battery capacity of 3,110mAh. If Apple starts with the weakest of the three new batteries in the iPhone 12, this would be 2,227mAh. That’s 883mAh less. The iPhone always has been plagued with weak battery life, this is a point where we’re expecting improvements and not degradation. The difference would be smaller between the iPhone 12 Pro and 11 Pro. The 2019 flagship came with a battery capacity of 3,046. Even the iPhone 12 Pro with a 3,687mAh battery would be inferior to its predecessor. The iPhone 11 Pro ships with a 3,969mAh which is massive for Apple standards.

Source : 9to5Mac

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