Is Bluetooth radiation harmful to humans or safe?

When we wrote about mobile phone radiation, we said that it is better to use a wired or Bluetooth device so that you are not affected by mobile phone radiation.Questions arise that since Bluetooth communication is also a form of radio communication, there should not be something called Bluetooth radiation. Is Bluetooth radiation harmful to humans? Is it worse than mobile phones?

Whether Bluetooth radiation is harmful or safe

When we talk about mobile phone radiation, we are talking about high frequency radio waves that emanate from your mobile phone and must travel through the maze of cell phones before your voice actually reaches the person you called on the phone.

In the case of Bluetooth radiation, the waves start from one of your devices that is directly connected to another Bluetooth device. The advantage of Bluetooth is that its range (distance) is small. Working at very high frequencies, these waves cannot penetrate the concrete wall. This is usually a few meters in the case of Bluetooth radio waves. In this way, the radiation hazard of Bluetooth, if any, is reduced to a small area.

This is unlike a mobile phone. When you make a call, the radio frequencies must be powerful enough to reach cellular communications. With mobile phones, you need one or more towers to make calls or send data over the mobile phone over the Internet. Thus, mobile phone radiation is more risky compared to Bluetooth. To find out how radio waves affect people, read our article on the dangers of mobile phone radiation.

Much has been studied about the possibility of different radio wave bands for detecting health problems. A mobile phone is dangerous to use. Research on Bluetooth radiation has yielded mixed results so far. But if you apply logic, Bluetooth cannot be very harmful as it works in a small area, does not require powerful radio antennas and therefore reduces radiation. Research by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finds Bluetooth is safe

“Most published studies have failed to show a link between cell phone RF exposure and health problems,” says FDA of Bluetooth radiation

“Headsets can significantly reduce exposure as the phone is held away from the head in the user’s hand or in approved body-worn accessories.” – FDA

The same studies have shown that the radiation exposure of Bluetooth will be a thousand times less than direct communication with a mobile phone. In the first case (when you are using Bluetooth headphones), your phone does not directly touch any part of the body. Sure, wired headphones will be more secure than Bluetooth data transmission, but I don’t recommend using them as they block external sounds that are necessary when driving and doing similar things.

Bluetooth Radiation: Summary

There is no evidence that Bluetooth radiation can be harmful to humans. Most Centers for Disease Control mark Bluetooth as secure. The main reason is that although it operates at high frequencies, the amplitude of the Bluetooth waves is not strong enough to travel through objects, walls, and other similar obstacles. Thus, it can be said that using Bluetooth headphones or speakers is safe if used within certain limits. But prolonged exposure can potentially cause health problems.

We live in a world where everything depends on radio waves to a large extent – from baby monitors to communication systems, entertainment, GPS and more. We cannot – for the time being – replace radio waves with any other means of communication. The health effects of Bluetooth radiation are much lower compared to other forms. While there may be some alternatives in the future, I believe that human bodies are adapting or responding to a world filled with radio waves!

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