“League of Legends” version 10.19 will be updated tomorrow: female shooter “Samira” is online

According to the official news of “League of Legends”, the game will be shut down for maintenance at 2 am on September 17th. The 10.19 version will be released, and the new female shooter hero Samira will be online .

Naijatechnews learned that Samira was born in Shurima. She was destroyed in her homeland at a very young age. Later, she was inspired by Noxus. There, she became a brave and brave female general. Deal with the most dangerous missions of the highest specification. Shamela uses black powder guns and a special craftsmanship knife. She is particularly brave at the moment of life and death, and uses flash steel and flames to end any obstacles.

Skill introduction:

Passive: Intrepid character

Samira can increase her evaluation level (from “E” to “S”) when she alternately casts skills (including basic attacks). Evaluation of each level, Samira’s movement speed will increase. Samira can use a pistol for long-range attacks, or use a knife for close combat, and can cause extra magical damage in close combat.

Q: Crossfire

Samira shoots enemies at long range. If the enemy is in melee range, slash is used instead.

W: Fengxuan

Samira swung her long knife, slashing nearby enemies twice, and destroyed all projectiles in the area.

E: Hurricane

Samira rushes forward, causing damage to all enemies passing by, and increasing the attack speed for a period of time. The cooldown of this skill will be reset when the enemy hero is killed.

R: Purgatory trigger

Samira’s firepower is full, attacking all nearby enemies a total of 10 times. Each attack causes physical damage, with a blood-stuck effect, and can crit. Samira can only use the Infernal Trigger when her rating reaches “S” (the highest level).

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