LG launches PuriCare, a mask-type air purifier with built-in filters, sensors and fans

LG Electronics announced on August 27 that it will launch the electronic mask LG PuriCare at IFA 2020, which is a wearable air purifier.

LG Electronics announced last month that it has developed an electronic mask using its own air purifier technology. Unlike traditional disposable masks, this product can be used continuously after charging. The Hepa filter inside can filter ultrafine dust to purify the air.

The PuriCare wearable air purifier uses two H13 HEPA filters , similar to the filters of the company’s home air purifier products. Using LG’s latest air purification technology, high-performance replaceable filters enable PuriCare to provide fresh and clean air.

LG’s wearable air purifier also has built-in dual fans and a patented breathing sensor , allowing users to inhale filtered clean air, while the breathing sensor detects the wearer’s breathing cycle and breathing volume, and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. The fan will automatically accelerate to help inhale air and slow down when exhaling to reduce resistance and make breathing easier.

According to a large number of face analysis, the LG PuriCare wearable purifier is ergonomically designed to fit closely to the user’s face, minimizing air leakage around the nose and chin. This design also allows users to comfortably wear it continuously for several hours. The built-in 820mAh battery can provide up to 8 hours of wearing time in low power mode and 2 hours of wearing time in high power mode . In addition, a shell is included to help maintain hygiene between uses. Equipped with UV-LED lights can kill harmful germs, can even charge the mask, and send notifications to the LG ThinQ mobile app (Android/iOS) when the filter needs to be replaced to achieve the best performance.

Naijatechnews has learned that LG PuriCare wearable air purifiers will be available in some markets starting in the fourth quarter.

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