LOST ARK;How to Collect the Hearts of All Giants

LOST ARK;How to Collect the Hearts of All Giants.Getting all the hearts of the giants.LOST ARK has many collections, and one of them is Giant Hearts. In this article, we want to tell you more about obtaining them.Giant Hearts can be obtained as a reward for various activities, after which they are automatically added to your collection. They can only be obtained once per account, but Giant Hearts are heirlooms, so if you collect them again with another character, there will be alternative rewards. At the moment, you can collect the hearts of 15 giants.

On the isle of Rune Liar, which is located near Eastern Lutheria, you can get rewards for collecting the hearts of giants.Giants Hearts Gathering Rewards.Now let’s look at how to get all the hearts of giants and what you need to do.

Heart of the first giant.

The Heart of the First Giant is a reward for completing the adventure quest “Five Brothers Parted” from the NPC Burgomaster Cornelius on the Tortoik mainland.

After completing the global quest “To Trision” on the continent of Tortoik in the Moki-Toki location, adventure tasks will appear one by one, do them so that you can take this quest.

Heart of the second giant.

If you improve relations with Beatrice in Trision to the level of reverence, she will give a second giant’s heart for it.

Heart of the second giant

Heart of the third giant.

The heart of the third giant will be given by Sasha Krause, the financier, for improving the level of relations with her to exalted. She can be found on the Ardetein continent in the city of Stern.

Heart of the third giant

Heart of the fourth giant.

For defeating the boss Tar’silla, Weaver of Illusions, there is a small chance that you can get the heart of the fourth giant. She appears on the Shuvierd continent at Basilisk Lake according to the Proceus Compass timetable.

Heart of the fourth giant

Heart of the Fifth Giant.

This Giant’s Heart can be purchased for 3300 Givena Coins. To do this, go to Rose’s shop, she can be found on Fanged Island.

Heart of the Fifth Giant

Heart of the Sixth Giant.

To get this heart you will have to find the Swift Grant. He occasionally appears at one of the three designated locations on Smuggler’s Cove Island. Prepare 33,000 pirate doubloons for the heart of the sixth giant.

Heart of the Sixth Giant

Heart of the Seventh Giant.

To obtain the heart of this giant, you will need to complete the task “The Old Man and Smell” for 30 days. To complete this quest, travel to Treasure Island. You can pick it up in the Efonian Union “Reputation” – “Fight against the king of sniffers.”

Heart of the Seventh Giant

Heart of the Eighth Giant.

Captain Blacktooth trades rare goods on the Isle of Liberty, among which there is a unique reward – the heart of the eighth giant. For it, she asks for 4000 Givena’s coins.

Heart of the Eighth Giant

Heart of the Ninth Giant.

The heart of the ninth giant will be given by Captain Kavery in the Kraken’s Lair if you improve your relationship to the Exalted level.

Heart of the Ninth Giant

Heart of the Tenth Giant.

Going to the Tower of Shadows, for each level you will receive various rewards, among them will be the heart of the tenth giant, it is located on the 35th floor.

Heart of the Tenth Giant

Heart of the Eleventh Giant.

To obtain this giant’s heart, travel to Echo Isle and complete the Root Eaters quest for 15 days. You can pick it up in the Efonian Union “Reputation” – “Beetle Brotherhood”.

Heart of the Eleventh Giant

Heart of the twelfth giant.

The Heart of the Twelfth Giant is a reward for completing the yellow quest “The Price of Freedom”. You can find this task on the Island of Wonders. To get it, you need to complete several achievements and tasks.

Complete all the normal quests on this island first, then complete achievements and other quests.


  • Perfect shot (take a photo of the golden lake spirit 30 times);
  • Red Lollipop (take 100 shots of the scarlet spirit);
  • Blue Lollipop (take 100 shots of Blue Spirit);
  • Green Lollipop (take 100 shots of the green spirit);
  • And the walls have ears (overhear four conversations)

Achievement “And the Walls Have Ears” on Wonder Island

Achievements related to spirits on Wonder Island

Achievement “And the Walls Have Ears” on Wonder Island

Achievements related to spirits on Wonder Island

Achievement “And the Walls Have Ears” on Wonder Island


  • Photo hunting (for this assignment you will learn how to photograph spirits);
  • A wonderful holiday (an event that periodically takes place on the Island of Wonders);

Local event “Wonderful holiday” on the Island of Wonders

  • What the squirrels want (hidden task, you can take it only after completing the yellow task “Follow the squirrel”);

Hidden mission “What do the squirrels want” on the Island of Wonders

  • Secret Reagent (Daily Quest of the Ephonian Alliance, must be completed 5 times).

Ephonian Alliance Mission “Secret Reagent” on the Island of Wonders

Heart of the Thirteenth Giant.

For victory on the 35th floor of the Tower of Fate, you can receive the heart of the thirteenth giant as a reward.

Heart of the Thirteenth Giant

Heart of the Fourteenth Giant.

By improving her reputation with Ninav to Exalted, she will give you the heart of the fourteenth giant.

Heart of the Fourteenth Giant

Heart of the Fifteenth Giant.

For collecting fourteen giant hearts on the island of Rune Liar, you will receive the Legend of the Last of the Giants item. When using it, the quest “The Heart of the Last Giant” is given, according to which you need to explore the underwater kingdom, that is, to go through the Underground of the Abyss “Underwater Sanctuary”. And as a reward for completing it, you will receive the last heart of the fifteenth giant.

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