Microsoft Surface Duo early proofs exposure: better than expected

According to Windowslatest reports, in the past few weeks, Surface Duo has been questioned by some users due to its technical specifications, especially the camera specifications of Surface Duo, although no one knows that this dual-screen phone can Take good pictures.

Naijatechnews learned that the Surface Duo is equipped with an 11-megapixel f/2.0 camera that supports HDR, dynamic range scene detection, portrait mode with adjustable depth control, panoramic mode and continuous shooting mode. This device is expected to go on sale on September 10th, and the Surface Duo has been demonstrated in AT&T and Best Buy stores in the United States.

Today, a user shared photos allegedly taken from the Surface Duo offline experience store. From the proofs, the performance of the Surface Duo camera is not bad, the focusing effect and background blur ability are good, but the dynamic range of its panoramic photos is worrying : the shadow on the left of the photo is not well performed, and the right one has almost no details. It is worth noting that the photos on social media are often compressed, so it is difficult to see the quality of the actual shots.

Although Surface Duo’s 11-megapixel camera is no longer able to compete with other brands’ flagship smartphones, camera performance is not that important for this device. First of all, the camera is not a concern for Microsoft, because the company does not treat the Surface Duo as a smartphone. Microsoft describes the Surface Duo as a dual-screen device focused on mobile productivity. Therefore, it is not a typical smartphone , and it does not need to have an excellent camera like other phones to succeed in the market.

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