Microsoft: Will not release the December patch for Surface Duo dual-screen phones

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Since the launch of Surface Duo, Microsoft has released monthly updates for this dual-screen phone, improving and repairing all aspects of the device, including touch screen, camera quality, etc.

But Microsoft may not release Surface Duo firmware updates in December. According to foreign media Windows Central, a Microsoft spokesperson said that the next update should be in early 2021. This also means that the device will skip the December monthly Android security patch.

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Microsoft did not comment on the specific reasons for the delayed update, but it may be related to the holiday.

Naija tech news learned that the Surface Duo is equipped with dual 5.6-inch AMOLED screens with a resolution of 1800×1350, which can be expanded to 8.1 inches (2700×1800) after unfolding. Microsoft also provided a 360-degree hinge and glass body for the Surface Duo.

Microsoft previously said that Surface Duo will receive operating system and security updates within three years.

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