Musk has another appetite: Tesla has many highlights on September 22nd Battery Day

On September 13th, Tesla CEO Musk began to promote “Battery Day” on social networks to sap everyone’s appetite.

Musk said that on Battery Day on September 22 (Pacific Time), we will reveal many exciting highlights.

As usual, Musk revealed such a sentence. This is also his usual trick to create suspense.

Tesla’s 2020 shareholder meeting and “Battery Day” events will be held at Tesla’s California factory on the same day, and will be broadcast live. These two activities should have been held long ago, but due to the epidemic, they had to be postponed.

According to previous reports from foreign media, Tesla will announce the details of its “Million Mile” battery at the “Battery Day” event. It is reported that the “million-mile” battery uses a new generation of “single crystal” NMC 532 cathode and a new advanced electrolyte, which can enable electric vehicles to continuously travel 1 million miles (about 1.61 million kilometers).

At the close of trading on Friday, Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) share price rose 0.37% to US$372.72, with a total market value of approximately US$347.304 billion.

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