Musk’s wealth is still “hurricaneous”, and his current value is second only to Bezos and Bill Gates

At the close of US stocks on Monday, Tesla rose 12% to 498 US dollars, with a market value of 460 billion US dollars. Earlier, Tesla announced a one-to-five split of stocks. Now according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index data, Musk’s worth has skyrocketed by $11.7 billion today, surpassing Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg, and his current value has reached $115.4 billion, ranking third on the rich list, second only to Bezos. , Bill Gates.

With Tesla’s share price soaring by more than 475%, Musk’s wealth has grown rapidly. So far this year, Musk’s worth has increased by US$87.8 billion, which is US$200 million higher than Bezos’ wealth growth this year. The richest person on the rich list has the largest increase in wealth. In addition, a bold remuneration package can also help—this is the largest company compensation agreement ever reached between the CEO and the board—if all goals are achieved, he will receive more than $50 billion. “

It is worth noting that just a few months ago, Musk joined the top 10 ranks, and just last week, as technology stocks soared, the Tesla CEO joined Zuckerberg, Besso The ranks of the super-rich of Johns and Bill Gates.

But to become the world’s richest man, Musk still has a long way to go: to surpass Bezos, who is worth about $200 billion, and to do this, Tesla’s stock price will double from now on.

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